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Dudhsagar Rail Trek - A Date with Nature

Just like hundreds more, the Rail Trek to Dudhsagar falls has been on my to-do list ever since I heard about it from Samuel, Read about it on Wiki & BTC Blogs and saw it on the silver screen thanks to SRK.
So, to strike one more thing off the list, I teamed up with 21 fellow BTCians (with as many huge bags) at Bangalore railway station on the 5th of September, 2014, to trek to Dudhsagar falls, via Londa Junction (Nopes. No Laundi junction in the vicinity, if you are thinking).
Now the rail trek to Dudhsagar falls is one of the most trekked trails in South India. Hence most of us, at some point or the other, have read or heard about the amazing trail, the mesmerising views, the rocking streams on the trail and so on and so forth. So, keeping things off beat, here is something you might not have heard about this trek.
The trek, starts from the very photogenic mossy green wall just off the platform of Castle Rock station, followed by an even more picturesque wooden bridge which give you a head start for the tiring, yet breath-taking 14km walk on the railway tracks. The walk covers a couple of railway stations, numerous rail bridges, countless miniature waterfalls, following which, the darkness of the 11th tunnel en-route gives way to what one can only describe as "The Majestic Dudhsagar Falls."
If reaching the falls was an amazing journey, letting the nature sink deep inside your soul at the falls was another divine outlandish feeling altogether. The water pouring down the mountains was carried by the winds high in the air towards the sky, as if the earth were inviting the sky, through the love letters (or SMS) of water droplets carried by the winds. And if water droplets were the earth's love letters, the rains seemed to be the befitting acceptance from the skies. Viewing from this perspective, there really was Love in the air. And why not, it's Mother Nature who teaches us to love, laugh, live. Tenting beside the rail tracks right in front of the falls, watching a passing train disappear halfway on the bridge behind a milky white screen of water seemed no less than a magic show. Spending the night beside the thundering waterfalls, enveloped by the lush green forests all around, illuminated by nothing but the moonlight, you sure are to learn the definition of being in nature's lap at this place.
Though the 1st evening on the trek is about the human nature of choosing the easier task among "rise" or "fall", and hence admiring the way the water falls from over the mountain into the river basin, the following morning is absolutely the opposite. It's more about our resolve to rise after every fall (Read: wake after a goodnight sleep), to bribe fellow mates with incentives to get the work done (morning photo sessions to get packing) and to move on, no matter how much you wanted to stay a bit longer (else we might miss the train).
A return train can be taken from Kulem station after another 14 km walk, half on the rail tracks and the other half through the foggy-streamy-chirping-forests of the Western Ghats. The train takes you back to castle rock, offering one last glimpse of the falls, one last gasp at the beauty of nature, leaving a long lasting impression on everyone's heart along with an amazing expression on everyone's face.
Talking about expressions, this trek actually brought out the best possible expressions hidden in each of us. And with expressions accompany feelings and moments which you cherish, think about and smile on your own for days to come. From the feeling of relief that we made it and to the bitter sweet pain coupled with excitement every time we went for a round of the bridge; from disappointment over the candies stolen by a monkey, to the playful time of racing around like monkeys to earn an extra minute in water; the fear of water to smile when the same water soothes your aching body; it's all just too energetic, yet peaceful to describe in words. And that's what an amazing trek means.
Yes, the nature had a huge contribution in our journey but so was the contribution of each and every member of the team. The organisers made sure all had the right things to carry, right path to walk; the fast trekkers made sure we had the right tenting places; the slower ones made sure we had enough food to last for a week, let alone 2 days; the singers made sure there wasn't a moment of boredom or silence on the walk (the juke box even had commercial breaks for Washing Powder Nirma & Vicco Vajardanti); the photographers made sure everyone had a string of pics to choose for the DP and finally, the kids made sure there was enough insanity as there was seriousness all through the trek. All this with efforts to shoo away people's Burp-o-phobia over a session of dumb charades, chai-bread and a good 2-day supply of chocolates (specially the Pre-brush ones), who won't wanna go for another round..??
So, when is Dudhsagar trek 2015 guys..?? Am waiting for it already.. :D

Written By         : Ankit Maheswari
Organized By     : Deepthy & Channa
Date of event    : 6th & 7th September 2014
Members Count : 22 (16M, 6F)
Place                 : Dudhsagar, Goa
Pictures             : BTC FB Page

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