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Trek to Shivagange Hills

Sat. Jan 10th was my first trek with BTC to Shivagange Hills. It was an experience that I would never forget.

Shivagange hill is located just 60 km from Bangalore and is a brilliant weekend getaway. From an altitude of 1400 m, you get a 360 degree breathtaking view of surrounding hills, kind of wants you to look at it forever.
The plan was that we all would meet at the railway station early morning at 7:30 AM. From there the (lucky) 13 of us boarded train to Dobbspet which took an hour. In the train we all got acquainted with each other. 

Had our breakfast at small shop in near flyover in Dabbaspete and we packed our lunch. A short auto ride and we reached at the base of the hill. Thereafter we started our trek. 
There'll be lot of monkeys on the way so you needn't worry about the company :p and if you'll be carrying anything in your hands they'll snatch it right away ( I can personally vouch this happens J ) . Anyway it would be quite fun .

We had started around 9/9:30am and reached the top by 12 , took us a little while and we climbing slowly ( acc. to other exp. folks) but there were several of us who were first timers. Some of us had carried soft drinks or chocolates and we shared all that along the way. We took lots of photos on the way.

The climb was a bit tiresome and in many places the stairs are too small to put on your foot on but thank god there were railings on both sides.  You will find several food stalls on the way . So you needn't worry about carrying lots of water on this trek ,pack as light a bag as you can.  But once you reach top you'll be mesmerised and will feel all triumphant. There are amazing views of the surrounding hills and the plains. And we spent some quite some on the top taking photos.
Thereafter we started descent (which we covered fairly quickly) and stopped for a little while in between where we had our lunch in one of the rooms in the temple and reached to the base of the hill around 3 which was  still pretty early so we just sat and played dumb charades.
And we were back to the station by 5. In all it was , it was a great day with BTC and were headed to our homes with memories to cherish forever. 

Written By      : Kamaldeep Singh
Organized By  : Channabasappa Nad
Date of event : 10th Jan 2015
Place              : Dabbaspet
Pictures          : BTC FB

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