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BTC-Go Green-Parapana Agrahara Lake-17th Oct 2015

Around a flowering tree, one finds many insects J

As always, was excited to see an email from Kamalesh announcing this tree plantation.  Keeping in mind the wonderful enthusiasm and our love for green & nature and ofcourse not wanting to waste a weekend, some of us reached the spot.

When, Where & with :
Saturday, Oct 17 2015, Parpana Agrahara Lake from 9 am onwards for about half a day & 52 enthusiasts.

Grade to reach venue: MODERATE/HIGH J
Grade of expense: PRICELESS J
Grade of enthusiasm:  HIGH J J

Few personal mess & errands made me reach the spot little late but I was soon smiling to find that I was not the last one J .  Though, I felt sad that I could not make it from the very beginning.  Locating the spot was a bit challenge even upon reaching the nearest location.  I feel, we were lucky to have spotted such a huge space for plantation but little disappointed that the lake is not that popular even among the local residents.  Many could not help navigate after my GPS failed.

 The lake is located behind the Parpana Agrahara Central Prison .  We could see the huge boundary wall of the prison & could hear their announcements as well.   I was keen to know if we could get a chance for jail tour too !!! Thank you Kamalesh for your suggestion to  jump the boundary wall and I will be obviously adopted by them.

Jokes apart, the lake is pretty huge but with only a bit of shade.   So, we were at a perfect location to plant trees.  It gives me immense pleasure with a mere thought of it that one day the lake will offer lots of shade once our trees grow big.

I was also really happy to meet quite a few known faces from past events and also to make new friends. 

Weather was not kind enough and the heat was on its best and so was our spirit.  It was truly dehydrating but we didn't want to give up. We were all boosted up by the magnanimity of the duty which was much ahead of us and of course energized by the ample supply of water, glucose, chocolates, we carried on.

Jigisha, I am truly impressed with your love for the insects.  Folks, she took utmost care not to kill the earthworms while mudding the plants.  At few pits near the fence, there were quite a few of them and she was very patiently transporting them from mud to pit with barehands.  She was concerned use of plough would kill them.

We did pause in between for few selfies & pictures but motto was to plant maximum trees with joy & pride but the end objective was to plant maximum trees with utmost care & in a proper way instead of rushing to finish the count.

By the end of the event our hands & clothes were worst possible worn out but it was great to hear that we managed to plant 400 trees in few hours.   At the same time, it was a bit homesick to hear that it was our last drive for the year and will be resuming with major drives by end of first quarter next year only.  Though there will few small events and maintenance drives etc.  Look forward for more and related initiatives. 

Thank you Durgesh from Say trees for your generosity to help me introduce to new friends and also thank them to give me a hitch till nearest spot to get a transport. Ladies, you were really sweathearts and I will be really happy to get to meet you again during future meetups.

Last but not the least…. 3 cheers to you Kamalesh and to your ponytail :-)….  Your initiatives & our support … to be CONTINUED.

Let me wrap up on a lighter note … sharing something that I happened to read recently that …..
“A story goes that a wicked man once unintentionally watered a sapling while washing his hands.
On account of this he was rewarded with one day stay in heaven”
So, folks think about it…. We might have BTC world up in heaven too J
Also, for interesting reading, wanting to share this beautiful poem by Joyce Kilmer
I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree
A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray,
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair
Upon whose blossom snow has lain; 
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems were made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree.

Written By         : Sangeetha Nair
Organized By     : Kamalesh & Chaitanya
Date of event    : 17th Oct, 2015
Members Count : 21
Place                 : Parapana Agrahara Lake, Bangalore.
Pics Link            : BTC FB Page

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