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Monsoon trek - Dabbe falls to Gerusoppa

“ When you enter a grove peopled with ancient trees, higher than the ordinary, and shutting out the sky with their thickly inter-twined branches, do not the stately shadows of the wood, the stillness of the place, and the awful gloom of this doomed cavern then strike you with the presence of a deity?" -   Seneca

Exciting Journey to Sharavathi Valley Trek commenced at 10.30 p.m on 23-09-2017 consisting of Twenty One passionate and energetic trekkers inclusive of three amazing organisers. As the group consisted of 21 trekkers,  it took bit of time for introduction by customary dumb charades and concluded by 2.00 a.m. By the time it concluded, I guess many of them had fallen to sleep. We reached Sagara at 7.00 a.m and were greeted by Ganapathy , who introduced himself  and  would be our guide for two day.  He asked us to freshen up. Our breakfast of hot pipping idly, Kesara bath and Puloa was ready. We ate our breakfast and got ready for the Trek. Ganapathy shared us the schedule for the day and also the instruction.  We started our journey and arrived at place called Hosagaadhe a, 2 hour Journey from Sagara. Our guide Ganapathy and Cook Umapathy along Lakshman accompanied. We shared the grocery and vegetables stuff that is for two days. 

We commenced our trek to reach Dabbe falls from Hosagadhe Forest Range. The trek path was narrow at some places and covered with dense forest cover,  and the trek path was wet and mucky in some places due to the rain which had fallen in the previous day.  We crossed fields consisting of Paddy, Arecanut and Plantations Crops and also streams. It was astonishing to see the forest in splendour.  The group maintained a consistency speed except the selfies and photo session. Finally after trekking 4 Kms , we reached a village consisting of Single House and after enquiring we found out the name of the place, called Dabbe Village, as Dabbe Falls is nearby. We trekked to falls, it was too steep and roots and branches came to our aid and used to hold from slipping. We found difficult descending, and reached the viewing spot, however our guide instructed further it is too steep and dangerous.

We ascended to the Dabbe Village and there was slight deviation in plan. We started to hike in the road till the maxi cab, which was arranged by our guide to reach Muppane Nature Camp. There was slight dilemma in the plan about camping, it took a bit of time to decide . We trekked for 3 Kms to reach the Muppane Nature Camp and camped beside the Sharavathy Back waters.

 Our guide and Umapathy started cooking. Our fellow trekkers chipped into slicing the grocery and vegetables. 

To kill time, food anthkshari was played. Shockingly, heard different names of food and were wondering what all the food meant. By the time, dinner was ready and we ate and retired to sleep. In the morning, Sharavathy backwaters , Few of them entered into the backwaters and rest of the members joined into and started to play in the Sharavathi backwaters and played till we heard the sound breakfast is ready. After breakfast, we packed our lunch and started to trek to the entrance of the Muppane Nature Camp.  

The guide shared the plan for the day and informed us that it would be a long day and we would be trekking around 20 Kms. We trekked towards Kanoor Kote, Gersoppa, Honnavar Taluk It is old reminiscent fort/ Kote ruled by Queen Chennabhairdevi , who was famously known as “Queen of Pepper”. The reason for deriving such name was that the main business activity was of exporting of spices, which was grown vastly in the area.  We were physically tired but mentally aspiring to view the fort. Due to lack of activity, the fort has fallen into despair. Grasses and plants had grown in the fort.  We ate out packed lunch besides the fort and resumed our trekking and filled our bottles with fresh water from the stream, wherever we see.  The path was tapered and also in some path, the foliage was covered. Grasses and Thorns filled plants made the trekking a bit of difficult. Finally we were able to make up and reached where there was a well laid trek path minus the heavily thick forest cover. Our next stop was Basadhi and Steel hanging bridge.  To shorten our way, our guide suggested crossing a stream. There was slight dilemma about the crossing the stream and guide suggested that we would have to trek another three kms. As time was running out and it was getting dark, decided to cross the stream. There were some qualms about the same, and finally ten members forming a group crossed the stream, thus raising hopes in other members. Finally the group made into the other side of the stream.

 We reached Jain Basadi around 6 but due to lack of electricity and also darkness engulfed, we could not go to basadhi and then had to walk towards the narrow steel hanging bridge one by one. It was chilling and a different experience.  We reached a place called Nagarbastikere .  We had to cross the rivulet to reach our transport vehicle. Our guide then arranged for ferry, which was called as “ Kenoics” and started with 8 members each and finally everyone crossed the canal .  We formed into group and feedback was given to our Guide Ganapathy and Umapathy who had accompanied us for trek with as a guide. We bid goodbye and hopped into our vehicle. It was astonishing  to observe that energy levels of the group was at the notch even after trekking for 20 Kms in the dense forest and started to play songs spontaneously of every genre including rhymes. We reached Shivamogga and halt for our dinner. After completion of dinner, it was a time for BTC Feedback.  We reached Bengaluru around 7.30 a.m and had to say a farewell till next time we meet for adventure trek. 

Written by     : Ambrish Byrsandra
Organized by : Aman, Ishan and Srikanth
Date of event: Sep 23 & Sep 24, 2017
Place             : Gerusoppa

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