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The Pure Joy of Giving

Sunday Mornings are usually the laziest one’s which anyone can have. All of us tend to have that 1 or 2 hours of extra sleep. But, 24th December which was a Sunday had something special this year. It was Christmas, common now who would not want to enjoy on a festival, cut cakes, distribute sweets, exchange gifts with family and friends. This remains the usual celebration, we at BTC have a habit of doing something different in a “zarahatke” style. The Celebration remains the same but this Christmas it was with those Kids who want to study, but circumstances did not favor them, with kids who were waiting for someone to put smiles on their faces, with kids who were waiting for the Santa to get them gifts, gifts of knowledge, gifts of smiles, gifts of toys and gifts of sweets.

We started early morning by 7.30 with 6 teams heading in all the four directions of namma Bengaluru spreading smiles, giving gifts and playing games with those innocent little angels. I was a part of BTM Team, 5 vehicles with balloons, gifts and our cute Santa all set to spread smiles as well as get back to our childhood and find something that we are missing in our busy daily routine. Starting with Madiwala Lake we tried to bring smiles on kids to construction workers to BBMP workers. Those smiles they had on their faces never had any expectations, they were innocent smiles of happiness. The Joy when some unknown person from nowhere comes to you and gives you a gift, wishes you, gives you sweet, it’s a feeling for which the stack of words are short to express it. As the event name says “JoyOfGiving”, there can be nothing which can beat the joy of giving the needy, educating them and wishing good success for them. Once Santa’s bag got empty all of us headed to Cubban Park. Once done with the feedback session, we cut cake and the event ended with selfie sessions.

This event was not just a half day event, it took months of preparation from the Organizers to make it a success. Being a part of the Gift wrapping team, looking at those Nataraj pencils, erasers, those pencil boxes, color pencils, rubber balls, did bring back some memories from my childhood as well. In a city with a lot of IT buzz, we often tend to forget smiling, notice those little things, we are always at the heck of stress and tensions. Festivals are always like a stress buster, and an event like this on a festival, it’s a bonus factor.

Life always gives us an opportunity to learn from every act we perform. I have learnt a lot of lessons from this event. When we are being a reason for someone to smile and that smile in turn becomes a reason for us to smile, such a beautiful cycle it is.Thanks a lot BTC for organizing such a beautiful event. Kudos to all the Organizers of the event.

Written By     : Sneha N Reddy
Organized By : Veera & Subha
Date of event : 24th Dec, 2017
Place              : Bangalore
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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