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Antargange Hills Night Trek

Thanks Giving:-
Thanks & Congratulations to "Virander Sirohi" for organizing trek to Antargange. Being 1st trek from BTC, it was fun filled trip. Hope he will succeed in his goals.

Thanks to the team who made the trip so memorable & funny.

About Antargange Hills:
Antaragange literally means "Ganges from deep" in Kannada language. Though so much of water streaming out from the mouth of a stone bull (Basava), nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year. Kashi Vishweshwara Temple is also one of the main attractions of Antargange. It is also called as 'Dakshin Kashi'.

Trip Outline:
Started from room by 4:30pm on bike and went to BTM. Picked up Dinesh & started towards Bgl Cantonment Railway Station. As we dont know the route, asked lot of people frm MG Road & reached by 5:05pm. Parked vehicle & went to platform 1. Viru, Megharaj already waiting. Anthony & Ajita also joined.

Our train to Kolar is already waiting for our boarding. All 7 of us sat in berths & started talking about trips which we visited, jokes, best moments. Train started @ 5:55pm. Most funniest one is, I made "Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola" movie name as "Matru ki Jilebi". Saw telugu movie morning & was completely involved in comedian character name "Jilebi". Everyone of us laughed alot thinking about the movie name.

Last stop of the train came - Kolar by 8:20pm. We got down & started walking towards highway for dinner. By villages, came to know that we have hotel near Kolar bus stand. So went there @ had Idly, Roti. Viru got Cake as it is 1st BTC Trek. Started to base of Antargange @ 9:40pm. As it is nearly 4kms, we moved & reached by 10:40pm. On the way, villages gave some cautions for trek. Reached the entrance of "Antargange Hills".

There are 300 steps which leads to "Kashi Vishweshwara Temple". On both sides, way is full of trees & pitch dark. We reached to the temple & it has small Koneru with water. It is saying that, water comes from Nandi 24/7, 265 days. Dinesh went to investigate & came out failing. We sat there for sometime & started to top.
There was caution mentioned by Police that, not to go to top as there will be thiefs & wild animals. We started going to top by  the trail crossing all maze of rocks in dark using torches. Reached top by 11:20pm. Me & Viru already went to this place. So, we know trail to go down the rocks. By this time, Viru's torch stopped working. Except Me, Viru & Dinesh, cave exploration is 1st time for others. Started getting down, creeping, crawling, trekking, jumping, skidding all kinds of activities to explore the caves in between the rocks.
Finally, we came to place where we couldnt go ahead. Place which we relaxed last time was untraceable. Me & Viru searched for that place nearly 1hr. However, couldnt find it. I reached a place where I couldnt breathe so freely. Came out of it sweating alot. May be it was blocked due to rocks on all sides. Even Dinesh & Megharaj also tried by climbing the rocks. One more torch is out, so left out with 3 torches with sufficient light. While checking the trail, Dinesh slipped & fell down. He hurt his legs. Sat for sometime & it was already 3 hrs exploring cave i.e. 2:15am.

As we don't have enough place to sit & relax for sometime, also for cake cutting. Decided to go to Kashi Vishweshwara Temple. So started descending by 2:15am & reached temple by 3am. Climate becoming cold  & mist started. We had Team Introduction & followed by cake cutting, juice.

We started talking about all events, places we visited, which we would like to cover in future. By the time, few villagers came to collect water from Koneru. Discussions continued till 4:30am. Dinesh slept for sometime. We decided to go back to Kolar bus stand & return back to Bgl. Dinesh was unable to walk as his leg is paining alot. We came to entrance of Antargange steps. We have 2 autos beside a house. That house is of auto driver only. So we hired it for Rs 100 to Kolar bus stand. Came to bus stand by 5:10am. Got bus in 10mins & returned back to Bgl by 7am.

How to go to Antargange:

  1. We can get Bgl-Kolar state buses from Majestic bus stand which are very frequent in 15mins.
  2. Also we haev Bgl-Kolar train starts from Cantonment railway station @ 5:55pm (for night trekking). Note: Sunday we wont have train to & fro to Kolar.
It was excellent trip as cave exploration went very well as we tried lot of small places to check for trail. Reached all possible ways to reach the place to relax. Hope we will have more such cave explorations.

Thanks to all once again. Will meet soon in other treks.
Organized By: Virander Sirohi
Date of the event: 12th-Jan, 2013
Place: Antargange

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