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Fort of Marathas & Mysore Wodeyars >> Chinroyen-Droog Trek

History of Channarayana Durga:-
This uncolored aquatint is taken from plate 8 of Captain Alexander Allan's 'Views in the Mysore Country'. Allan took part in the third and fourth Anglo-Mysore wars and was present at the siege of Srirangapatna. The twenty sketches in this volume were made during the third Mysore war (1791-92). Successive wars with Mysore ruler "Haider Ali" and his son and successor "Tipu Sultan" resulted in vast tracts of land passing into British control.

Robert Hyde Colebrooke's views of Mysore were among the first to show places associated with Hyder and Tipu, and Allan's views complemented these, with special attention paid to the area's hill-forts. Channarayanadurga in the Tumkur district of Karnataka is one of the nava-durgas ('nine-forts') around Bangalore. Small but strong, it surrendered to troops commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell, 23 July 1791. Control was officially ceded to the British by the Treaty of Seringapatam at the conclusion of the war in 1792.

History says that Maratha rulers once occupied this fort. In later years the fort changed hands a few times between the Marathas and the Mysore Wodeyars. During the third Mysore war British army surrounded Channarayana Durga fort and later abandoned. The fort is deteriorating slowly due to damage caused by treasure hunters. Stone buildings inside the fort are increasingly becoming targets of vandalism.

Visiting Wodeyars Fort:-
8 members started invasion from Bangalore @ 5:30am on 4 bikes. It was soo chill all the way to Dabspet early morning. Love that drive in that chill weather. Reached Koritegere & had our regular breakfast - Idly, Rice bath. This is 3rd consecutive week driving in that road & having breakfast at same place. Reached base of Channarayana Durga @ 8am. Parked our bikes below big tree. Explained our group that, initial stage of trek is moderate & asked to take required breaks.

Started trekking to the top within no time we got 70 degree inclination & it was not so easy to trek. If it rains, trek becomes difficult. On the way, we took breaks & relaxed for few minutes.
1st Stretch: This took 40 mins to reach entrance door of Fort wall. Everyone sat below shade of the fort wall. All cameras started doing their job - pictures. Entered the fort through the gate & saw ruined stone buildings, fort walls. This really takes 3-4 hrs just to round around the hill. Really need to appreciate the work done by the folks who built this fort.
2nd Stretch: Started walking on top of 1st Fort wall which has lemon grass. Took lot of pictures on the way & moved ahead. While trekking, we saw door & trail which leading to the top of the hill fort. We saw few tanks made of rocks for storing water. Everyone followed the trail & reached almost top in 30 mins.

Twist of trek:-
Trapped on top of the hill where in there is no way to go inside the fort. This was made in such a way that enemies will come this way & get struck. On top of that place, king soldiers can see everything & kill the enemies.

Me & Ruwise went round the hill to check if we can go from backside which is highly impossible. Only option is to descend down half way & check for new trail. We relaxed for sometime, took pictures.

3rd Stretch: Everyone descended & found new trail. Followed it which lead to one more entrance gate.
Reached the top fort of Channarayana Durga in 30 mins. It was one successful invasion to the top. It was open ruined fort where in hundreds of soldiers can stay. We relaxed under the shadow of the tree. Spoke with each other for sometime. Later, had our Rice bath - lunch. Harish told that, we can hoist our Indian flag on top of fort (Suprising one he got it). We took a stick & hoisted the flag. Took group picture on top of fort wall.
As we have lot of time, we decided to drive & trek to Devarayana Durga. So immediately we started descending down. On the way, we stopped at man made water pond to stagnate water.
Rainy times, this pond will be full of water & place looks awesome. Few of us started throwing stones in water & playing. Later, we saw few more stone buildings & moved down. As it was mid-day, it was hot & we stopped below shade. Last stretch of descend was not easy as it was straight down. So, everyone carefully came down slowly. It took 1 hour to descend from top fort till base. All of us successfully completed the trek of historical place of Marathas and Mysore Wodeyars. Relaxed for sometime & came to know unexpected surprise that, someone is frightened of Rosters. Pretty funny :)

Travel Guide:-
# Drive till Dabaspet (Tumkur road) for 50kms. Take right below flyover.
# Follow directions for Siddara Betta / Madhugiri - 44kms.
# On left, you will see board for Siddara betta with arch. Take left.
# Drive 2kms & you can see "Channarayana Durga" board on right side. Take that road.
# Drive 1km to reach the village. Park the vehicle below big tree.
# Take 2nd right from there which leads to start of trek.

Thanks Giving:-
# Thanks to all for helping each other in trekking, making this historical place trek memorable.
# Special Thanks to HARISH for bringing our National Flag to hoist.
# Thanks to all cameraman's for taking wonderful pictures.
Keep trekking & enjoy the mother nature.

Written By      : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog       : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Organized by  : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of event : 7th April, 2013
Place             : Dabaspet
Pictures         : Chaitanya, Channa, Geo George
Video            : Memories of Trek by Sangamesh

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