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Fun Unlimited by playing Sports & Games

All 19 BTC members met @ Banshankari Bus stop & started at 9:45am. As there is traffic jam at Sarakki, took a shortcut to avoid it. However, few of our group took wrong turn & went missing. It took 10 mins to trace them out. As per schedule, reached Go Karting arena by 10:30am.

Go Karting:-
Everyone of us rounded the complete area & assembled at a point for introduction. All of us introduced ourselves to the group. We had pretty good number of headcount this time.

After introduction, we moved to Go Karting track. Everyone are very eager to drive as it is their 1st experience except for Vivek Sirohi. We are advised how to drive the vehicle & each of us will get 6 laps. As everyone are 1st timers, only 3 vehicles can be on track. So we started having fun on track.
Murali, Vivek Sirohi, Geo drove all 6 laps like crazy. Blue Kart (Number 2) is not lucky for us. Whoever drove that cart, crashed here & there including me on last lap. However, driving experience was very good. I felt to drive more number of laps.

Next one is Swimming. Even if the pool is not that big, everyone enjoyed to the core playing.

We took lot of multi-shots with cameras to cover all the diving & stunts in swimming pool. Spent nearly 1hr in the pool.  

Billiards, Badminton, TT, Foosball:-
As we have more games to play & less time, everyone dispersed to their interest sport. When I went to Billiards, saw 3 people playing at same time which was pretty funny. Just pushing the balls to the corners. Later, comes the professional game.

Only few played Badminton & Table Tennis. Later, it was Foosball which I like the most. 3 teams played it & enjoyed nicely. Rather than sending Goals to opposite side, sent Self Goals to their corner only. This was best part of the game.
Once we are done with all playing, relaxed for sometime. Spoke about the fun which we had in all the games. Had few group pictures on Go Karting track.
By the time we came out of that arena, it is 2pm & everyone are feeling hungry. We were welcomed by Inchara Hotel, JP Nagar after 2 hotels denied our entry due to waiting list. Had nice Veg Biryani.

Paint Ball & Archery:-
Everyone of us never ever played "Paint Ball" game & was so eager to play. As we entered, we saw lot of trees, nice restaurant & open ground with training type environment. We saw a tent which has Guns, Bullets, Helmets, Suit & gear for Paintball.

To participate in the game, we made our group into 4 teams. Referee explained us the rules & regulations of the game. 

How to Play:-
Each team will be safe guarding their flag in their post. Who ever goes & brings opponent flag without getting shot will be the winner. Maximum time for game is 15mins.

Everyone signed NOC form & wore the protection gear - Dress & 6 pack Shield :) Bullets are loaded in the guns & handed over to Team 1 & 4 (Right to Left).

After few photoshoots with new look, they went to play the game. We noticed what all they are doing. Game started, everyone hiding, sneaking, peaking & bullets being fired all the way. Within 2-3 minutes of time, game is over. Team 4 members are shot by Team 1 - Winners. It was disappoined that, game came to end in short time only

Now turn comes to Team 2 & 3 (Right to Left). We planned that, we will not complete the game soon & utilize 15 mins time.

We spent around 6-7 minutes in the field & we won (Team 2). Funniest part is my team mate is shooting at me only thinking as opponent. Laughed like HELL after coming out.

As most of the bullets are left out in everyone's gun, shot bottles which are hanging. Later,   played Archery for sometime cracking jokes, scoring each other.

Everyone enjoyed full day with sports & games. As it is 6pm, everyone wishes each other & dispersed to their places.

Thanks Giving:-
# Thanks to each & every one for making this event - fun filled one
# Thanks to all photographers for taking pictures

Written By    : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog       : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Organized By : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of event   : 12th May-2013
Place                : Bangalore
Pictures          : Chatianya, Virander

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