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BTC Go Green - Sapling plantations @ Begur High School

This day would be remembered as I am participating in a social event which is helpful to the society – Sapling Plantations to make Bangalore more greener. Day started by 6am that too on Saturday. Got ready & as we need to go to Begur Govt high school, saw the directions sent in PDF file. This was really confusing. Wrote all those in paper & started from room. Drove towards Electronic City road & passed ahead Begur right deviation. Spoke with Ruwise as he stays in that area & came to know that I went ahead. Came back to signal where Ruwise, Channa & Sangamesh are waiting. As we are damn hungry, everyone had Tatte Idly. We 4 on 2 bikes drove towards Begur & finally found school after 2-4kms @ 8am.

Few of BTC folks are already waiting in the school & few others in playground. So all of us went to the school playground. Ground is very big one for playing. "SAY TREES" NGO Volunteer Kapil is already there with few other volunteers. Met & spoke with all our friends. By 8:30am, we were told to get all saplings from classroom to the playground.
So everyone went & got saplings. Harish was 1st person to get a small sapling - Souvenir for him. Volunteers divided saplings as per their type. We had nice photo sessions while bringing the saplings.
After we got most of the saplings, we had a meeting @ 9am. Kapil explained us what is "SAY TREES" NGO, what all they do regularly, why we came here, what & how we gonna do the plantations. We have 2 companies who volunteered for this social cause & we “Bangalore Trekking Club”. He introduced all groups to everyone. We are highest number of participants as a group. Plan is to plant saplings round the playground.
Again Harish was 1st person to do plantation of his Souvenir Sapling. Kapil demonstrated how to do plantation clearly. As it is done, all set to plant saplings. Our group was given 2 rows adjacent to classrooms @ 9:20am. We completed planting within 25 mins. While doing plantations also, we are having lots of fun & photo sessions too. NGO volunteers are surprised by our superb fastness & enthusiasm.
Later we were given 2 more rows on other side of the ground. This time the saplings are too big & heavy. Carrying them is not so easy & still we started running competition by carrying them with fun. Started planting @ 9:53am & completed by 10:13am – just 20 mins again.
Now all 4 boundaries of playground have saplings planted. We were give small break in which we had INTRODUCTION of BTC members. Even Introduction went full of fun, cracking jokes, photos. Drank water & relaxed with fun. As we are left out with few more saplings, we were said to plant them other side of the school – near classrooms. So, we carried last saplings & planted them in 15mins of time. By this all saplings are planted. We all washed our hands & took few group pictures. Got an idea to attend a class as it is long time ago we went to school. So, all our members sat in class on the wooden tables. Our Teacher – Viru started small class. We took group pictures in the classroom.
Later moved to playground. Channa & Sangamesh told that, we have 100 years old temple just 4-5kms far from school which we can visit. Few of our members have some other works, so they dispersed. Few of us took our bikes & drove just 200-300 meters & found that temple (LOL). It was small temple which was old & under renovation. As we went by 11:30am, temple was closed. We relaxed for some time, discussed about fun which we have everytime, future events, taking pictures. After sometime, everyone dispersed to their homes.

I am very happy to be part of this event & would like to participate in “BTC Go Green” activities regularly.

SAY TREES Feedback:-
Thanks a lot for coming and adding 300 oxygen factories. Your group put together a wonderful effort today. People were later telling me that you group was most active and did nice plantation. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Thanks Giving:-
# Thanks 2 “SAY TREES” NGO for allowing us to be part of such an event in making Bangalore better.
# Thanks to “Viru” for collaborating with NGO & organizing such an event.
# Thanks to all our other 22 BTC Family members for making this event so fruitful.

Written By    : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog     : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Video           : Youtube Video (By Sangamesh)
Organized By: Virander Sirohi
Date of event: 15th June, 2013
Place            : Begur, Bangalore
Pictures        : Chaitanya, Channa, Harish, Ramya

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