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Go Cycling Go Green

It was my 10th Event with BTC - Go cycling Go Green. Amazingly completed 10th consecutive event with BTC family. Hopefully will complete 100+ events may not be consecutively but consequently.

Thank you so much for making my 10th event most memorable one than just a regular moment able one. It was a great experience in cycling both to & fro not while peddling but while completing it. Even though I was the slowest cyclist in the group but am proud to be part of it. Because I did cycling after 10 years carrying 20KGs of backpack over 40KMs of distance with my 80KGs of my physic and exciting part of cycling is even though I felt tired while peddling after 2/3 KMs of start of my journey but I dint give up & peddled till I reach the destination.

Also while returning back 80% of the distance I peddled the cycle in rain crossing mini pools/ponds on the road even though I was too tired with active participation in all events organised @resort. OMG too much praising about myself. Now lemme start describing the amazing day and places visited. 

Initially we been to Shree Shree Shree Ravi Shankar ashram. The place is simply superb. Highlights of the place are: 

  1. astonishing architecture of Guruji's prayer/preaching hall
  2. calm & pleasant meditation floor.
  3. very well organised, executed & maintained greenery.
Had photography session covering above three places. Then we been to actual destination exotic Kheda resort. Over there many adventures games & glad to see few of them performing it. Had delicious lunch & then started actual show.
That is the drums show from African guys with our complete involvement. Even we sang the song in group which he was singing & taught us drum beats. Had great time with this drums show over couple of hours.

Then spent some time with stand up comedians. Overall the event is most remarkable as we not only did for fun but also includes a cause (Go Green).

I would like wind up here by thanking RJ Darius, Environmentalist Harish Batt, Buzzintown for there initiation & finally our BTC family in association with them.

Thank you so much for your time....


Hi All, I am Divya, I work with Accenture Bangalore. Here I'm to share my Experience about Go Cycling, Go Green VOL 3 Celebrating Nature, which happened on June 1st 2013.
I’m extremely grateful to ‘Bangalore Trekking Club’ (BTC) for inviting me for this Amazing Event. A huge Thank you to everyone who was a part of this event - whether riding, donating, or hosting, enormously special thanks to ‘Bangalore Trekking Club’ (BTC) Once again.

This was my First Cycling Event Ever, Weather was just perfect, and welcoming us to enjoy the Cycle Ride, as it was a perfect morning to start our big day in creating Awareness on Go Cycling Go Green to save our *Mother Nature*

It is my immense pleasure participating in this event. We cycled around 40 kms (Up & Down) across the city starting from Hotel Pride Richmond Road till Kedda Resort, Kanakapura Road.

I got an opportunity to meet Fitness Queen Wanitha Ashok, RJ. Darius, a Scientist & few good Comedians who made us laugh more and more. I gained many friends, had great fun while I burn calories too :p; I also participated in few Adventurous tasks within this resort which were very well organized. Each Task that I participated filled so much Courage & It feels more Gutsy after completing all the 4 amazing tasks :p.

Most fun part was playing Drums with Africans Drums Team who made us sing their songs & play drums. Hats off to their energy, this was an awesome experience ever.

I'm looking forward to many more events with Bangalore Trekking Club (BTC).
I am very happy and blessed to be a part of this BTC.

Written By    : Harish Surampade & Divya Divz
Organized By : Anthony George
Date of event: 1st June-2013
Place            : Kanakpura
Pictures        : BTC Web Page

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