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WOW Treknic - Ramadevara betta

How will it be when you go out for a trip with only group of female trekkers? I had this dream which became reality on 08th Jun’13 when I planned my first trek as an organizer to Ramanagaram. Ramadevara betta is a hill in the Ramanagara district. It is a Hindu shrine rising more than 3000 feet. Lord Ram is said to have visited here during his 14 years exile. There is a Ram temple at the top of the hill. It will give you an awesome feeling as you approach the hill. It consists of twin hills with caves and huge rocks. It is here the 1975 super hit movie Sholay was shot. And it is also said to be rock climber’s paradise.
Panorama view of Ramanagaram 
The Start
The trip started early morning for me. Got up at 5AM and reached station by 6:40 AM to buy tickets. We three people reached early and stood in three different queues so that we can get tickets soon. Ticket counter guy was funny, we asked him 6 tickets to Ramanagaram he said 1000 bucks. We were like, what 1000 na? Surprised again after getting tickets, that it was only 60 bucks for 6 people. After that one by one other 3 trekkers joined. And we all reached platform number 6 to board our Fast passenger train. As usual our Indian Railways was late and reached station by 8 AM and started by 8:10 AM. Well I guess everyone can imagine how general compartment would be. Thanks to our brave girls Roopa, Vinitha, Jyoti and Chandrakala who managed to get into the train in that crowd and get one upper bunker. The only person benefited was Chandrakala. She just went up and slept. Later one by one we all got some place, squeezed ourselves and sat. 

At Ramanagram
Kaja Bhai with WOW!!!
Finally 9 AM we reached Ramanagram station. After little search found small good roadside shop for breakfast. After breakfast time for tea and no wonder when WOW made Kaja bhai, tea stall owner’s day wow. His face showed that happiness and tea which he prepared for us was too good. When we asked him why is he wearing helmet and preparing tea, he said to protect himself from Sun and heat. We took photo with Kaja bhai and with so much innocence he said TA TA when we left that place. Later we took auto and reach base of Ramadevara betta by 10:15 AM and started our trek-cum-photo-shoot walk.      

As you walk around you could see many hills and when u reach on top you will have one question “Can we trek on that hill?” Don’t ask me which rock does Gabbar was hiding, as there were many beautiful hills. We were lucky enough to have glimpse of couple doing Rappelling. We all spent more than 30 minutes just to see them doing this crazy stuff. After that we reached final steps which will take us to the peak. It was scaring and we saw guys giving up to climb those steps. Except one, we all 5 climbed and saw the true beauty of Ramanagaram hill. After spending some quality time at the top we returned and having energy bars and other cookies we again took auto and reached Boating point. But because of rain all boats were already sank and couldn’t take us to sink. We sat there for some time had whatever left with us and started our way back to the station. At the station we had formal introduction session but interesting one, guys would not be comfortable to listen so let me stop here only. With Sun playing hide and seek, WOW completed their first trek of Ramanagara Betta. We boarded 3 PM train, though it was express but it took double the time of passenger. We reached Bangalore city by 05:15 PM and dispersed. I had awesome feeling at the end of trek when I rested my head on my pillow and said finally it happened.  

"WOW 6" 

Written By    : Ajita Madan
Organized By : Ajita Madan
Original Blog: : Trip to Ramanagaram WOW Special
Date of event: 8th June-2013
Place            : Ramanagara
Pictures        : BTC Web Page

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