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Grave Encounter Vol 2: St Mark's Haunted House

Ghosts are really there???? Saw lot of Horror movies from childhood & want to check if they are really there???

Grave Encounter Vol 1: Somanathahalli - Haunted village was done. However, we couldn't find anything there. We want to wander such kind of places & finally after 4 months we are going again to such place

Haunted House @ St Mark's Road:-

The house belonged to two Anglo Indian sisters who were spinsters, Vera Vaz and Dolce Vaz. Dolce Vaz was murdered in this house by an unknown assailant in front of her sister. The legend then continues that the lady was buried in this house. She was 75 when she was killed and her sister was 80. The killer was never caught. The house was then deserted because nobody wants to live in a house like that. And the place was soon deemed haunted. People claimed to see things, hear noises. A bunch of folks even went in and were attacked by a supernatural force.

Our View:-

All 4 of us met at Forum and started towards St Mark's road. On the way, we had dinner @ Shivaji Nagar. After asking multiple people, finally reached the place. There are lot of youth on the road. Are these guys going into that house??? Later, came to know that, there is restaurant and all of them came out from it. It is 11pm & lot of traffic going through the road. We don't want to get noticed by all that we are going into the house. So, we decided to go for long drive till Hebbal.

We started our bikes & drove in chilled weather. We went till Kalyan Nagar bus stop & made a pit stop for tea. Took tea, sat on our bikes & started chit chatting. Our discussions went from A to Z & it was damn funny. Viru explained about lot of grounds & his experiences. Superb fun we had at midnight for 90 mins. Decided to start back to our visit. Drove back & reached the place by 2am.

Parked our vehicles & jumped through the wall. Walked slowly through the compound where we saw old car which is rusty.

Entrance door is half burned & broken. Turned ON the torch only after entering the house, making sure no one notices us. Walked through all the rooms - we can see burned furniture, broken glass pieces everywhere.
Took individual pictures in the house & each room. Roamed around all rooms for 30 mins. However, couldn't find the Piano which has story of midnight sounds. We decided to return back as we didn't find anything un-usual.
Through out the time, we are not scared of ghost. However, we are cautious on Police petrol & neighbors. We took a group picture, took our vehicles & returned back to my room. Spent time chit-chatting for sometime & everyone slept off.

Written By     : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog      : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Organized By : Virander Sirohi
Date of event: 29-Jun, 13
Place            : Bangalore

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