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DJ Music & Masti @ Hutri Durga Trek

HUTRIDURGA is built by Kempegowda and is about 500 years old . Ruined fortifications are still visible on the two hillocks surrounding the village. It was seven tiered fort. Its one among the Nine Durgas around Bangalore (Nava Durgas). It has a small temple dedicated to Shiva and Nandi.

Present (Trip):-
Started our travel in 20 seater TT with 2 more cars with us. As a total, we are 26 enthusiastic trekkers with 11yrs old young participant is also there. Had breakfast - Double Idly, Vada & tea in Magadi road. We also got Palav for lunch parcel.

DJ started in TT it-self. Connected my mobile to the vehicle stereo system & started with Aashiqui 2 & Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani songs. Everyone started enjoying the songs & few singing too. Till we reached the base of hill, DJ is going on. We couldn't see the silk worms as they are not kept outside. Parked our vehicles & reached base of hill.

It's Introduction time for all of us. We have 3 First Time Trekkers & 12 trekkers 1st time with BTC. Weather is so nice, breezy & cloudy. Explained about the history of the hill, Do & Don't while trekking. Then we started ascending the hill which was so easy. Once we entered the first door & I could hear sound made by peacock. It was pleasant to hear. Every1 started trekking with ease - through steps & others directly. Sribatcha got wirless speakers which are connected to Galaxy Tab. So DJ is still ON with superb songs.

Everyone are enjoying the weather with songs, taking pictures & trekking to the top. Whenever we had breaks, folks started dancing to the tunes. Everyone are so happy & dancing, love to see their happiness. We reached top of hill in 1hr. Kept our bags & in mean time, Song of the year came.

GANGAM Style: You can see the pic & there are 6 more taken while they are dancing. I felt bad as Video is not working well in my camera & couldn't capture that moment. Roamed around the top, took lot of pictures. Relaxed at the edge of the hill with lovely breeze by seeing the nature. Again the dances started on other side of the temple & memories captured. Moved to other side of the hill, few climbed on the big boulders & started posing like this.
Later, we went to other arena on the hill through egg shaped big rock - which I named as Godzilla (Dinosaur) Egg. I told everyone that, we can do some adventure by creeping, crawling through 2 boulders to top of the hill which has slight risk included.  I showed the way & explained how to go. Most of the folks came up & enjoyed new experience.
This took around 30 mins for everyone to complete it. Later, we had Palav as lunch which was tasty. Ate carrots also which I bought on the way. Relaxed for 10mins, took few group pictures. Decided to start descending down & moved along. Even now the DJ didn't stop & still rocking. Before the completion of descending, we had a feedback session. Everyone are very happy with the trek. At the end, rain started & stopped in few minutes - just a drizzle.
Reached our vehicles & started driving back to Magadi. Now, Tripuraj became a DJ in our vehicle. Everyone starting singing along & enjoying. We stopped one more time for a group pic which is:
Stopped at Magadi, had tea & soft drinks. Drove back to bangalore by 6:30pm. It was really Masti & Music trek.

Thanks Giving:-
# Thanks to each & every1 for making this trek so music filled.
# Thanks to Sribatcha & Tripuraj for becoming DJ's of event.
# Thanks to all cameraman's for their pictures.

Written By     : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog      : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Organized By : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of event : 14th July, 2013
Place            : Magadi
Pictures        : Chaitanya, Harish, Aditya, Shashank, Shaunak, Sribatcha

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