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1st Biking Experience - Nandi Hills on Independence Day

This was my first Biking trek to anywhere in last 15 years. I was very excited at the prospect of biking in cold breeze at 4:30 AM in the morning, reaching to the hill-top and enjoying nature there.

We got together at meeting point on Esteem Mall near Hebbal at sharp 4:30AM. I was the only one who was late by few minutes. Megharaj was already giving instructions for the event and I was the last one to have introduced myself to all.
We started, Megharaj was leading the trek with Aditya as his Pillion. Geo was sweeping the trek. We went steady through the road leading to Devanahalli (New Airport Road), one biker following another. Tripuraj was on Avenger. We maintained speed of close to 50-55km/hr as per BTC norms for safety. In the way we stopped for petrol and tea. In about 1.5 hours we were at the base of the Nandi Hill. It was still some dark and very cloudy. Hill was not visible but the road was clear. Guys started the ascend on bikes one following the other. Roads were very curvy and it was exciting riding in group. In the way a car tried to overtake us wrongly but we kept our cool and yielded the way. In about 20 minutes we were at the top. It was very foggy, cloudy and very beautiful over there. Some other groups also had come over there. It was independence day atmosphere on the hills and these groups all had our beloved tricolor in their hands. We took tickets and went inside the hill gate. Group started enjoying the nature there, playing in the park, taking photographs and nature walking on the hill.
After an hour we all collected and got together holding Tri-color together. It was time to sing National anthem. The anthem ended with BHARAT MATA KI JAI!! ..all were happy and super excited!! Patriotic emotions in everyone's eyes were to be seen while singing the anthem.
Some of us went to temple in Nandi Hills and prayed. We kept enjoying hill and taking photograph.
At about 9 AM we started coming out. It was a long walk and beautiful and green walkway. When we came out we were surprised to see about 500+ motorcycles all classics and sports bikes. It was a get together of Bullet group, Yezdi group, Yamaha group and some other exquisite bikes. They were showing off their bikes and it was a fun event to watch. I was feeling out-of-place there with all those bikes and looking at my own CD -Dawn :)
Anyways, we started descend biking. In the way we took pictures with our bikes with hill in background and we watched other bikers, runner and bicyclists in the way.
When we came down from hills we had Brunch at a good place and chatted with each other for about half an hour.
At 10:30 we started biking back to Bangalore. We enjoyed biking back. We again collected near Esteem Mall and bid adieu to each other till the next event where we meet.
It was my first ever biking event. I enjoyed thoroughly. Megharaj, Geo, Ruwise, Santosh all must be thanked for their dedication and planning for event. Special thanks to Megharaj for organizing this. This was a perfect event. I felt refreshed and eagerly looking forward to next biking event.

Written By     : Vivek Saraf
Organized By : Megharaj Kurkoti
Date of event : 15th Aug, 2013
Place             : Nandi Village
Pictures         : Santosh, Geo George

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