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Trek to Antaragange

About Antaragange Hills:- Antaragange literally means "Ganges from deep" in Kannada language. Though so much of water streaming out from the mouth of a stone bull (Basava), nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year. Kashi Vishweshwara Temple is also one of the main attractions of Antargange. It is also called as 'Dakshin Kashi'

Trip Outline:-

With the aim of trekking to beautiful rocky place together with excitement for Cave Exploration,BTCians met at Majestic at 7:00a.m.From there we took a bus to kolar which is 60kms away from Bangalore.it took us two hours to reach kolar.The moment you start approaching kolar,in the journey itself u get the feeling “oh my God! It’s a beautiful place”At kolar bus stand,we all had breakfast.Most of us had idli :P.coffee there was awsum!! Also they serve south as well as  north Indian items. So we filled our stomach and left for antargange.
Team @ Antaragange
From bus stand to base of trek,its just 1km.we made a circle so that everybody could introduce him/herself.Most of the people had their 1sttrek.At the same time,people had experience of 13 treks as well that too with BTC only.we started trekking .After  2.5km we reached the base of the trek.1km from base is the antargange mandir,we stayed there for sometime.People drank water from the fresh water source.
Team @ Antaragange
There is a stone bull here with water flowing out of its mouth. No one knows the actual source of the water, which is how Antargange got its name (Antargange literally means ‘Ganges of the Deep’). What you will be thrilled with is monkey fights.They make parties and fight literally like BJP and congress. :P.
Team @ Antaragange
At the same time,you can see lot of monkey couples pampering each other :P.I personally with the monkey fear in mind together with others headed upwards.Its a rocky place and so an easy trek.Rocks provide you good stairs so u can easily climb up.we used to take break every 15 mins  and had pics then.we found a dog and we were following him.luckily he took us to right way only.we trekked around 3kms to reach the peak and the next aim was cave exploration.we came to know the main cave due to some incident was closed.so we went on cave hunt ourselves. we found some small caves and finally we got a bigger one but it was too riskier to go deeper inside so we didnt go that much deep,but it was fun finding caves.then someone found jamuns over there.we all ate together and enjoyed a lot.Even the doggy was enjoying :P
Team @ Antaragange
We all were so hungry so basically everybody was yelling “LUNCH TIME” we endeavoured to find a place for lunch and had lemon and tomato rice for lunch.some people brought lays,potato chips and chocolates (value of these things increases exponentially  on a trek :P).
Team @ Antaragange
Finally after the lunch we started descending.Monkeys again were encountered and without my doing anything one monkey pounced at me.So I tried to talk to him and aked him what his problem is.but monkeys there have lot of attitude.He simply ignored me anyways ,we reached the base and then we moved from base to the bus stand.We had mausammi juice there which was  very tasty.We reached bus stand by 4PM.In bus when you see place where you climbed you feel awesum. From there we took a bus for Bangalore and reached here by 6PM. it was definitely an AWSUM experience.worth visiting.and if you are a beginner it’s a must to go.

Written By         : Kajal Luthra
Organized By     :  Channaabasappa Nad (Channa)
Members Count : 24 (20M, 4F)
Date of event    : 28th Sept, 2013
Place                 : Antaragange

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