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Nritya gram - The Dance village

"Nritya gram" "The Dance village" wondering what's this? 
Read a bit to know what is it :-P
Meet up: Our meetup point was Hesargatta bus stand at 9. Knowing that meet up was so late I was glad that I don't have to wake up early! But my happiness didn't last for long, as Google maps showed that it would take 2.30 hrs of travel from my place :( As a known rule for BTC treks, I left home early and managed to get a bus to Hesargatta. The travel was a mix of 'classic' Bangalore traffic and bit of green on either sides of the road which is definitely a rare site in Bangalore. Anthony and Sanisha got into the same bus in which I was in, who kept me company till we reached the stop. Abhishek had reached the place 40mins before! No matter whether it is to meet at a place or climb the hills, this guy is always the first to make it!
The start: We were there at sharp 9. The Sun was all up there to wish us "Hi". We waited for the rest to reach the place. We had a brief introduction session. Anthony as I often say can read minds, he asked if anybody wanted breakfast, Sangamesh and Channa were the first one about to say YES! But they were too late, Anthony promised us good breakfast after we reach Nritya gram. Poor guys without breakfast but with disappointment were the one to take the lead ( So that they get a major portion of the breakfast later atleast :-P) while Kiran, Rithvin and Prabhakar carried our breakfast and lunch on their bikes.
We walked on small curved roads, on either sides it wasn't dense forest like but still a nice green stretch with thick bushes. We had just walked a km and Siri being her first trek was already checking with everyone how much more to walk! Pritvi, Varun and Raja kept convincing her saying its just few feets away!  By 11ish we reached the place, after gathering some history on this place we entered Nrityagram. The place was purely serene. We entered one of their practice halls and sat in silence to watch their odissi dance rehearsal. The beautiful rhythmic beats and the dancers perfect sync with the music drifted us to a different world, we watched with our eye balls just fixed without any blinks!
We realised that we were there watching for so long only when Anthony asked us to make a move. We then toured the entire campus, were really surprised to see a Gurukul for dance and that too in Bangalore. The place does resemble a village, with many huts, well like water tanks, kitchen garden growing tomatoes & vegetables. Their open amphitheatre was just beautiful! All the guys were so influenced with the dance that they all started posing in dancing postures :-P ( Must appreciate their efforts but sadly it only looked like guys being struck by electric current :-D ) 
After clicks of "current odadha kaage poses" we left the dance village. We went in search of a shady place to have our lunch. Found a huge tree inside a farm, and at last we were having our breakfast and lunch altogether! After a heavy lunch some of us just dozed off on the grass. And later we walked some more distance, at the grasslands we decided to play some games. Dumb charades followed by weight lifters game! 
By almost 4 we decided to leave, on the way we decided to visit Hesargatta lake. We also had our feedback session there. By 5 we reached Hesargatta bus stop, bid bye and left to Bangalore! Another memorable trek on my list! Despite this being my second visit to Nrityagram it felt great and different when done with BTC. Hearty thanks to Anthony for a nice event and for getting us really yummy food! ( He had taken all the trouble of getting all of us food from the caterer and carrying huge containers throughout )

Written By         : Deepthy Jagadish
Organized By     : Anthony George
Members Count  : 16 (13M, 3G)
Date of event    : 19th Oct, 2013
Place                : Nrityagram
Pictures            : Channa, Anthony, BTC

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