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Yelagiri Biking - TN Roads

Journey starting with a heart thumping Harley beats and ending with a cool breeze!!
As I had not registered myself with the event till late Thursday night, it all started with a confusion followed by excitement about my first ever event with BTC and now it is going to be a bike trip as the first step of my relationship with BTC family. It was a heavy work day at office and I hurried to home on Friday late evening with all excitement about the journey next day. Washed my 150CC animal, named unicorn dazzler, filled its stomach with 500rs worth of petrol and got it ready to roar next morning.

Virander, awesome guy who organized this event, had sent out a mail with all details and instructions for the event. We all had decided to meet in front of BMTC bus depot in E.City Phase 2 at sharp 5:45 AM and start our journey at 6 AM. That feel I had at 4:30 AM when getting ready was like a hero getting ready just before a climax; with hot shower, deo in slow motion then wearing a jacket, tying up lace of shoes, get upon bike and push start button in slow motion with rock music in background :P :P That was the level of mind-set I had on that trip and guys I would say, the trip was far better than my expectation and we all rocked \m/

Well lets come back from our movie climax to reality :D Everyone had come by 5:50 AM and we all had a quick introduction about ourselves and Virander shared set of rules to be followed throughout our journey. It was a trip with 7 bikes and 10 people (Me(sandeep), Swetha, Virander, Sunita, Harinath, Swateek, Naresh, Deep, Ranjan and Anurag). The rules were simple, clear and I would say made the journey less stressful. The rules are 1. Head lights should be on throughout the journey. When you see in the mirror you will see your buddy following you. 2. No over taking among bikers, follow numbering. 3. Do not cross 80 to 85 kmph.

Yes now it is time to rock and roll baby, Harley of Virander started making heart thumping sound and there you go all heads started to focus on our brigade yes it was a brigade of 7 bikes  I had my fiancée as my pillion and she took out her camera to capture all these sweet moments. Harinath, older in age among all of us but younger in heart than all of us, took out his camera  We travelled around 50 KM and decided to pit stop for breakfast at Adyar Bhavan in borders of Krishnagiri. It was 7:30 AM in the morning and most of us ordered yummy Masala Dosa and hot tea. One thing I liked a lot here was that everyone was ready to take responsibility; One guy counted number of people needing dosa or idly, one took responsibility of counting number of tea and coffee then others shifted all helmets and bags from one table to other then once order was served 3 of us went and started getting our plates to the group. This level of involvement is what makes your heart respect your friends and companions. Cheers to all guys for this act of kindness and caring.

We all knew now it is time for some more interaction and chatting. Everyone started to chat with each other trying to know more about each other. And we all had our first round of photo shoot  The journey continues marching towards our destination, Yelagiri hills. Roads are really impressive and we covered almost 170 KMs in just under 3 hrs. We stopped again in beautiful place for one more round of group photoshoot. 
We reached foothills of yelagiri at around 9:30 AM. Every villager’s eyes were on Harley, thanks to hunk Virander sitting on it and thanks to the sound engineering of Harley exhaust. I would say 7 bikes in a row with helmets, jackets and headlights on would turn any head. Also, the psychology of our mind after seeing Harley in first place would make us to see every other bike following it as special bike!!

Drive through ghats of Yelagiri hills was memorable with view of villages from top getting more blurred yet more beautiful. And there you go one more round of group photoshoot. We reached top of hills by 10:15 AM and every person in the group were rock solid without any sign of strain in their faces. We took a stroll around the lake with a nice chit chat without a topic. Then, we all decided to spend some time in a nearby park. Discussion started with teasing our junior fresher engineers Swateek and Anurag and continued to haunted house in Bangalore then about Virander’s experience in Leh bike trip. We spent a good 2 hours chatting, pulling legs and it was pure hearted fun that can relax any mind.
We started our journey back at around 12:30 PM and the drive downhill was much more fun as we drivers were not much worried about gear shifts. We covered almost 100 KM without a break and reached Krishnagiri border at around 2 PM and decided to break for lunch. We went to a nearby family Dhaba and ordered rotis, dhal and fried rice. It was much needed break as temperature was soaring high. There you go one more round of photoshoot. 

We left there around 3 PM and started our journey back to Bangalore. Virander decided that we will have one more break in any juice center after crossing Hosur. As there is a saying, return journey is always quicker, time was racing against our sweet trip. Just before Hosur, we decided to stop for one more round of photoshoot. Yes guys these photos are the only assets we have to relish our trips  

It was already 4:30 PM and we all crossed Hosur and stopped in a nearby bakery. Now it’s time for business, Virander divided all expenditure and you know what excluding petrol it was just 177/- Rs per person! Everyone shared their opinions and feedback about the trip and as expected it was all about fun and happiness. 

A sudden downpour with a cool cloudy weather reminded us that we have reached Bangalore! We stopped just before E.City Elevated toll way to shook our hands and made sure to keep in touch with all. I am foreseeing more fun events and also social activities with BTC.
Thank you Virander, Swetha, Harinath, Swateek, Ranjan, Sunita, Anurag, Deep and Naresh. You guys rock \m/

I joined BTC especially to continue my trekking pleasure in Bangalore after I left Mumbai. Never Knew they would also give me opportunity to add a new adventure – Biking.  I had done Scuba Diving and wanted to go for Biking. So when this event landed up on the BTC site I registered. And the best part was this was the first time I got to do it without struggling. It was surprising that the event didn’t close till 25th July as compared to any event which closes in 15 minutes of its launch.
The shortlisted Bikers and Pillion was sorted and it was good to know that 26th July 2014 would be my day of joining the Biking Event – of course as Pillion. This was the first kind of my experience I would say to go on a Battalion Biking. We were asked to assemble at 5:45 am to Electronic City Phase II Depot.
I was to be a pillion rider to Swateek. On 25th July evening I spoke to Swateek and we planned our journey from Marathalali at morning 4:45 am on 26th July. It was chilling morning as there is too much of rains these days in Bangalore.  We both had reached by 5:40 am and it was almost around 6:15 am that we started our event. We got introduced and the group had Swateek, Virander, Anurag, Deep, Naresh, Srinath, Sandeep & Shwetha, Harinath, Ranjan.  So we were 7 Biker and three Pillions- the 10 on the roll. Before we started, the riders were given strict instruction as in single line formation, who would lead and who would tail, how much distance to maintain and what speed to maintain above all there was ‘Not to Overtake’ instruction as well. Speed was 80 Km/hr. 
The Convoy was headed by Virander with his Harley Davidson followed by other five bikes and Anurag with his Pulsar 220cc tailed to keep the check.
Life was about to start on gears and speed but of course with control and discipline. Helmets on and as we zoomed I had no option then to believe that this would be another day to remember. Bangalore to Yelagiri is just 2 and half hour. But as we drove from Hosur to krishnagiri excellent the road condition gave awesome driving experience. We reached Krishnagiri at around 7:30 and had breakfast. After breakfast we started again. The cruising speed of 80-90 km towards Yelagiri was triggering. The roads were most of the time with non traffic. As we crossed vehicles, trailers and trucks head would turn especially for the Harley Davidson. At Yelagiri base we took a 10 minutes break to take pictures. And then again we all started same line and formation and sense of adventure from the highway to the village roads to the uphill is around 45 minutes and its all curves and turns. 
The pleasure of riding was also because of the well constructed roads. The world looks amazing from top and when you see it while you are on a move you need to look as fast it could be. The whole hill frame by frame just passes in front of your eyes. You need to capture it in seconds of your focus. Well as I was a pillion I was having all the liabilities to enjoy nature. I hope Swateek and other Rider had been experiencing the same. 
I understand with their mind, hands and legs all engaged to control the bike that too at 80 km/hr speed is task and effort. The responsibility of having a pillion is also to taken account for. I was also improving my knowledge while Swateek was riding.  To say I was lucky to be his pillion as he came out to be excellent rider though he was on his first BTC, 350 km of biking event.
The uphill biking makes you feel that you are enter into moment of stillness around you. The huge trees bending on the roads and as we made our way through eucalyptus trees, the aroma does motivate the senses.
We reached Yelagiri at around 10 am. At the hill we had nothing much to do. There are two parks and a lake. We first went for the lake. This lake is a artificial lake and boating option is the only adventure available. But we didn’t go for it. We took walk around the lake and came out with an hour. We spend almost another hour at the other park. We just kept talking and discussing about BTC’s elaboration plan. It was good to know that BTC WOW Biking club would be opened and there would be a event happening. Thanks to the Virander
Well now this is going to push me further into more adventure. I know I am not good with Motorbikes gear and non gear. So now I need to get into professional biking lesson and training I guess. I don’t know when I would achieve that but somewhere I know I would surely be a biker at one of the biker event either WOW or BTC. I have experienced this as a pillion and it was wonderful experience but I also want to go through what a biker goes as in risk and performance and achievement for 350 km of biking. I want to feel the same as the seven bikers have felt. You guys were amazing. Cheers.
We started back around 1 pm. The kicks you get out of this adventure attempts nothing else would match up. Down the hill the bikers were told not to ride bikes on neutral gear and many other instructions that I didn’t understand much. It was technical.  The escapade was turning more daring experience. As we complete the Yelagiri road and reach the town, we halted to have our lunch. And again we started  at around 2 pm to reach the bustling city life. Somewhere near krishnagiri we had a photo shoot where everyone clicked picture with Virander’s bike. 
I think the real biking skills come in when you are in town. As we were about to reach Hosur we got caught in rains. We waited at a tea stall taking shelter from rain, we had our feedback session. Everybody was with good reviews about “Harley Davidson’ and all boys almost forgot that the feedback was about the event.  : )
After the feedback session we again started and this time we were not to follow each other in a line sequence as the traffic won’t allow. The rains added another experience. Swateek and I had to wait at a place for few minutes to escape the rains. When we started we had almost lost the group as we struggled through the traffic and crossed the toll. I did keep looking ahead and back to find the other bikers and could not find anybody. When we reached a signal and got to call Virander only to realize that they were at toll and turning the light off which through the journey was in red.  Since it was too far for us to go back from the place we called Virander he asked us to proceed. Me and Swateek could not get to see the group for the last time. 
If at all anybody is reading this ---Accept apologies from me and Swateek. Just couldn’t track you in the rain and traffic. But to end, would like to thank you all to keep the event so wonderful. Especially, Swateek who allowed me as a Pillion and all the way back home to Marathahali waited extra time to give back my phone. Thanks You Virander for making BTC to the core and adventure focused. I saw biking as in the discipline, uniformity and the spirit of Adventure.  You all have certainly sculptured this event for the best memories one would have later.  Best Wishes To you all and Happy Biking. 

Written By        : ​Sandeep Krishnamurthy & Sunita Nair
Organized By    : Virander
Date of event    : 26th July 2014
Members Count : 10
Place                : Yelagiri
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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