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Ramadevara Betta Trek

17 enthusiasts, gathered at SBC at 7:30 am on 09-Nov. Prince made it, to the train, thanks to Indian Railways. After dhaka-mukki, 4 of us got into the upper berth, and 1 SL. The rest comforted themselves standing, soaking themselves in the pleasure of the trek, to come.

Reached Ramanagara Betta, at 9, had breakfast, parceled lunch, had a verbal tussle with local auto, and finally packed in 4 autos, we climbed the bent slope. The start of the climb, was with a ubiquitous temple, with the priest informing that it had 400 steps. Hmm..ok, we grinned and started making our way on the template(insipid staircase) way. After a 20-odd steps, a maverick (Plaban), decided to take the other way. It was under the open sky, bright and rocky, but full of life. At the very core of our hearts, we all wanted to take this way, as we wanted to break away from all the rules.
Every-one scattered out in the, unfolded rock-ribbed stretch that lay ahead of us. With anxiety and excitement, all of us stormed this craggy terrain, not knowing where he/she was headed. This was the beauty of this trek. Some nervous, some reluctant (making sounds of arre-yaar) and some no-holds-barred type, made it through the steep big rock. Abhishek and Srikanth started searching the way, ahead, amidst rocks and bushes.  Spotting 2 local boys, coming out of the tiny forest, down the slope, gave us a way(more of a hope) to proceed. Clicking to poses were Bhavin and Chetan, with their xSLR cameras(oops…, bringing life to paper, for some). Shooing away with stick, some with eyes-wide open and some with heart-in-mouth (girls) crossed this dense surprise offering.  Small rocks soon gave their cozy appearance and we made it up on them, ensuring everyone was ok, and together.

It was approaching noon, and the sun was in agreeable mood. Halting for breath and water, all of us started reaching for the next unseen foot-step. Abhishek soon found a trail, round the rocks, and everyone joined to pose inside the tiny cave. Not knowing where to go, or where we were heading, we maneuvered our course on a series of boulders. A bulging cactus tree found its prey in Savithri.  Soon, a tranquilizing expanse made its exhibit, with a behemoth of a peak, towards our right.
Ascending the steep mount, on a slender viper-silhouette staircase demonstrated the perseverance and tenacity, we had. Lustrous sun-shine and zephyr embraced us, and we hugged it, with open arms. After a banter, the customary dumb-charade found its foot-hold on us.  Planet Neptune-released film: ‘khoon mein tale hue samose’ was the ivy-league pick, by none other than Mr. Prominent: Vikram.
After an hour, we gathered ourselves to cascade the pose-laden stair case. Poor stair-case, what it must be thinking, ‘yahi jagah mila tha’. By this time, our food craving eyes had seen it enough. But nothing could  stop, Mr and Mrs Lavish from having a photo-op.
A colored rice it was, and dry too. Helping it go down the passage, was our good-old water. A few round of jokes on and by Vikram and a train cameo by one of us, fused more sparkle. A languid walk down the hill-slope adorned by blaring sun-rays, gave us a lukewarm "Hasta la vista"

Written By      : Plaban Sahoo
Organized By  : Abhishek
Date of event : 9th Nov 2014
Place             : Ramanagara
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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