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Weekend Gateway to God's own Country

This is my first attempt to write a blog, I am sure that any kind of mistake will be forgiven considering I am an amateur
I reached the meeting point sharp at 8 pm and I see a huge group of people which was definitely more than our group size, I met the admins deepthy and ashwin and was told that another group of BTC was starting their journey from the same meeting point.
It was a great moment pleasure as we were treated with sweets thanks to the founder of BTC (VIRU).
We began our journey with great enthusiasm as the TT started,
We crossed the border of Bandipur forest and had awesome chai while the admins were off to take the permission for the trek
We reached our rooms got freshed up and started our journey for chembra.
We were well notified in advance that it would be raining and we would come in contact with leeches, hence we were fully prepared for it.
We started the trek and complete the first half where we took a halt at a fish looking lake and the view from the place was beautiful but we were not done yet, we started for the second half and reached the heart shaped lake, We had one of the best professional photographers with whom we took a lot of pictures.
It was a compulsion to take a guide with us who was a young chap in early 20s, he showed us around the place and explained us the history of the place,
He also told us that the trek was incomplete and it was another 3 kms from the heart shaped lake which was closed due to the migration of a very rare bird to that area.
The view from the place was so beautiful that no word can match the beauty of it, we just didn't feel lake leaving the place, when we realised that it was drizzling and we had to reach our bus before it poured.
We reached the base of chembra peak in around an hour and rushed towards our bus. 
Our next destination was the sunset point where we reached at round 5 pm and it was so foggy that we could barely see the person standing in front of us and equally beautiful, the fog made it difficult to take pictures, 
We were there until it completely got dark, walking and chatting
We reached our rooms and called the day off.
Next day we started early as we had a couple of places in our mind to cover and also we had to return back the same day.
We Started with sun rise point which I personally thought would not be that great but when we reached there it was completely unbelievable, we saw a snake shaped river flowing right in between the mountains and the beautiful sun rising, the river was similar to River Amazon but a much smaller version. 
The place was chosen by our admin Ashwin and it definitely was a great start for the day
We then went for breakfast and were soon off to soochipura waterfalls
Where we had to walk for around 1.5 kms to reach the falls.
We reached and the waterfalls was so tempting that all of us just jumped in it. We spent some really nice time at waterfalls and we were not out of it until we were completelyexhausted. 
One we came out and changed it started raining heavily, the rain was so heavy due to hud hud that we couldn't open our eye, 
We somehow reached the  top fully drenched in rain. 
The hunger was so bad after we reached up it felt as if we were starving from a hundred years then we saw a guy who was delivering hot sweet corn to everyone and then it began all of us one by started hogging which when on for an hour mean while everyone changed in the bus, it was too late to go anywhere else as we had to reach bangalore,
So we started off and reached bangalore on our targeted time 10:00 pm and it was most painful to call the journey to an end and say good bye to such wonderful people 
My personal experience with this group 
it was my first 2 day trek with BTC and I should say that the Admins of the groups were very understanding 
And each and everything was very well organised. 
The group was fantastic as all of us were from different fields, I got to learn a lot of things and the memories of this trek and the trek mates will be evergreen in my mind 
Thank you :) 

Written By     : Hardik Parekh
Organized By : Deepthy & Ashwin
Date of event: 18th Oct 2014
Place             : Wayand
Pictures        : BTC FB Page

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