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WOW Trek to Wayanad

From different states, professions, languages and tastes we all met with like mindedness of trekking :)
All of us gathered @ starting point by 9:45 PM with no effort all were already conversing with each other :).Our beautiful journey of trekking started @10:45 PM. As it was a busy working day with little conversations here and there most of us slowly went to slept  :) .
When we were passing through Bandipur forest Sreemoyee started with introductory session with which we got more comfortable with each other and halted at the end of the forest stretch for a tea break which caught most of our sight by mist filled fields.
We reached our Home stay Green Mount at Kalpetta . It was never expected that the homestay  would be so luxurious .We had a healthy breakfast post that our travel to base of Chembra peak started the charm added to the travel was playing Dumb Charades …..Girls did a great job in acting :) . As expected we were lost in the beauty of greenery and landscape’s beauty on the way!!!!!  We reached to base of Chembra peak and with a guide we started trekking. We could see some people were working in their tea estates . :) 
Sreemoyee was Sweeper and Pragathi was leading the trek. Sweeper is a member who will always stay behind and ensure no one stays behind from the group and motivates the members to walk fast, cover up and stay with the group. Sreemoyee did a great job in doing the same. Trail was little tough for first time trekkers .Trek distance was nearly about 5-6Kms .We were trekking amidst of full greenery and the view was getting more beautiful as we climbed upper and upper and when we reached to the peak all of us were excited to see heart shaped lake :)
With the joy of finishing the trek we moved on for having lunch. All of us were excited to have typical keralite lunch :) We moved on from there to a view point which was a long drive from Chembra peak .Typical keralian tea on the way recharged most of us …. View point was really cool as always we clicked some pics and moved on back to our homestay :)
Back at Homestay  we had Sadhya (typical Keralian food served on festival time) like always we clicked some more pictures post dinner! As Pooja did not wanted to get up from the floor which she felt was very comfortable with she was asking us to click more clicks!!!!!
And the funny part began - playing UNO :) :) :)
Most of us had no clue of the game .The funniest moments were :
Each round Pragathi had a different question ;-),Soundarya put the skip card even though her term for that round was skipped ;-) and highlight of the game was Sindhu got 12 cards because she forgot to declare UNO  ;-) ;-) ;-)

We dispersed to take rest and got up to start a fresh day ……Breakfast was again typical keralian food Puttu and Oppam :) :)
We checked out our luxurious homestay and reached Soochipaara falls .It was little longer distance to reach the falls than we expected it would be ;-) Playing Mafia was just so interesting on the way. Pooja played it so brilliantly ;-)
Falls looked just so beautiful!!!! . Although rocks were slippery many us managed to reach till the water falling point!!!! . Time spent was worth it as we felt refreshed :)
After falls we did a lot of shopping around the shops near the falls this was expected and it goes without saying as it was a girls trek ;-)
Our journey back to Blore started @2:00 PM.
Funniest part of the entire trek was Chutki’s(Madhu) hindi learning sessions ;-)
My special thanks to Sreemoyee for organizing such a beautiful trek and for the motivation for first time trekkers :) and also for all the girls with whom I felt like I know them from many many days !!!!!

Written By     : Sowmya M
Organized By : Sreemoye
Date of event : 22nd & 23th Nov 2014
Place             : Wayanad
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