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Savandurga Trekked

Okk.. Its November.. Perfect setting for a 2 day trek.. But for some unfortunate souls who work on Saturdays that results in adding another leave to the already long pending list of unapproved leaves..!!
So, 10 such souls head out to trek Savanadurga.. And believe me when I say, it was one hell of a trek. ;)
Being too used to majestic, starting from the KR Market itself was too much for some of us, though the last person did make it just in time before the “Magadi Darshan” bus journey started. The driver took us though villages on paths I considered too narrow for a tata nano, let alone a KSRTC bus. After about 2 hours of touring the villages near Magadi town, we finally arrived at Magadi Bus stand: Not the Magadi-Ramnagara highway we were supposed to arrive as per the itenery. Though it did have its own upsides: An amazingly tasty breakfast, coffee and lunch parcel at the bus stand. :D
Took another bus to Savanadurga crossing and the 10 of us hitch-hiked on a single auto to travel the amazingly dusty 4 kms to the base of the hill. The soil in the mouth did taste amazing (maybe coz we had it after a long time: since childhood; and also because it acted as a natural toothpaste for those of us who opted not to brush that morning).
After the usual intro session at the base, we started towards the top: which from down there looked easily reachable. Though that Bhram was broken soon afterwards when almost all were panting like dogs owing to the slope of the bare rock on this monolith. All the tough ones here had their own way of taking a break: from simply lying down every 10 steps, to stopping at the Bahana of getting pics clicked, or the bahana of stopping for others to catch-up, these breaks were as necessary as water to a fish (might sound so, but that’s not an exaggeration). 
Thus holding onto our bags, each other’s hands on the steeper parts, breaths all along, we finally made it to the little mandap on top which was a much needed respite. Though the trek lead was quick enough to point that we were yet to cover about 20% of the route, the gang spent a lazy half an hour at this place, which later also served as our lunch spot.
As almost on each trek, once we reached the summit, everyone head in a different direction, some exploring, some taking selfies, others finding a shady spot and so on and so forth. And that’s the best thing a trek brings out in us: all have our own individuality, and stick together as a group at the same time.
It was here that we were joined by 2 more BTC-ians thus making us a full dozen of monkeys. And how can monkeys resist from showing off their tree climbing skills when given the chance. After spending about an hour honing our tree climbing skills, we returned to the lunch spot, had the parcelled lunch accompanied with some home-made lunch, chips, curd etc. etc. This followed by a nerve cracking session of dumb charades over some fruits made all ready for the steep, quick, thirst wrenching descent. 
The descent, as expected, was quick enough, though not as dehydrating as expected, thanks to the chilled ice-water, some water melons and finally the tender coconuts.
The all positive feedback session (with self-realisation from some regarding a need to increase the stamina) was conducted by trek lead at the bus stand over a cup of coffee. This was then followed by chasing some Bangalore buses and finally coming back to the city in a private SRS bus.
Thus, after the goodbyes, and the good old promise to keep trekking & keep meeting, the team parted till they meet again in the next trek.

Written By     : Ankit
Organized By : Hiren & Piyush
Date of event : 9th Nov, 2014
Place              : Magadi
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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