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Kodai Krazyness!

It was a cold Friday night and 13 souls from Bangalore started out for Kodaikanal!
A couple of known faces and many unknown, a few introductions, and a few more greetings were exchanged till we reach our destination. Kodaikanal, at an altitude of 2040 meters above MSL is a very cold place even after the sun rises high above. We started out journey from Bangalore and took a train to "Dindigul Junction". From Dindigul we booked 2 cars. The journey was full of fun as we played dumb charades. On the way we had breakfast at Eden garden hotel. We stayed at Greenland Youth hostel.This hotel was near to Coaker's Walk. Somehow we were in no hurry to leave for our campsite and everyone started whiling away at various viewpoints offering beautiful vistas.
 After an hour of lazing around we started for “kodai lake” and took lunch at “R R residency” on the way to “kodai lake”.

A lazy walk led us to the “Kodai lake”, there we did cycling around the lake. I(namrata) can’t forget that moment i did cycling around 7km and I was thinking that cycle is not in good condition later i came to know somehow its wheel turned opposite site. After cycling and snacks we gone for shopping. Only girls can understand the joy of shopping. 

We also enjoyed different flavors of homemade chocolates. After cycling and shopping we moved to our hotel. In the evening we visited "Coakers walk”. The view was amazing. After snack and relaxing in cool air we moved to hotel again. 
 In the night we played “Dumb charades, Bum charades ”. We also played a game where we need to describe things with their properties. Scientific definition of obstacle given by teju was very creative. We also shared our stories [someone’s .dream date ;)].

Day 2-
The rising sun was well appreciated by the cold struck and sleep deprived in the morning. We took breakfast in the hotel. After photo session we started our trekking to “Vattakanal”. 

We wanted a place uncompromising in its beauty, under discovered, and not at all commercial. So there it was... Vattakanal, a small town on the lee ward side of the hills. It’s an Israeli settlement, and you will be surprised to find out that here, Idly Sambar is replaced by Avacado Egg sandwiches and other Middle Eastern or continental dishes. Food is not at all an issue, and the availability of fresh yummy carrots, passion fruit and oranges are the best to be consumed.

Vattakanal was our starting point for Trek. There is a Small Water fall in between. After playing with water and visiting “lion cave”, we moved to our next trek to "Echo point”. It seemed that the climb was never ending. At first we thought we were crossing a valley. Slowly realization dawned we were going to climb the whole mountain. Just as high as the one we descended just an hour back. 
When we reached that point we were not feeling tiredness, even though we climb around 10KM. 
We took our photo session in that risky rock. Specially Radhika she was so scared to go on the rock. Finally she was able to make it. Joys of climbing a mountain is an experience unparalleled. This trek has perhaps been among my best trekking experience for all that has been my quota of experiences. 
We were feeling a sense of achievement as well as feel scared when we see down from that point. Our mini organizer (Vaishnavi) makes our trek more special to us.
It’s always good to have kids in the group. By playing with them we can also feel our childhood. After trekking we took lunch in a hotel called “Kodai heaven”. The view was very good but only organic food was served there. After lunch we moved to hotel and in evening we were walking around “cokers walk”. In the night we took dinner in the hotel itself.
Day 3-
We started our photograph session in the hotel after that we checkout from the hotel. Our heart was saying to stay forever but as our leave was over we have to go. We visited “pine forest” area around 12 km. We were looking for animals but unfortunately we did not find. 
We also visited Berijam lake, Silent view and many others views. We want to visit a place that is not commercial our guide suggest to go for city view. We visited city view as well. From that point we were able to see all the villages from the hill. 
After visiting these places we moved for Madurai. In Madurai we go for "Meenakshi temple". That was a nice temple. From Madurai we took a train to “Bangalore”. We reached Bangalore around 9 AM.
These 3 days were full of fun away from work life and that too specially a girl trip. My heart says travel and my mind says write about my travels and my body says damn this consistency...So all in all.. I would love to explore, travel to places less known, discover life through people whom I meet and devour the knowledge I seek through cultures, geographies and love i get from places! This is all from my heart.

Written By     : Namrata Mahajan
Organized By : Sreemoyee Malakar
Date of event : 1st May, 2015
Place              : Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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