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BTC Go Green at KR Puram Railway Station

I begin with the words of  Martin Luther King: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my tree".
I think it is quite normal for all of us at some point, or quite often, to think “what have I done or experienced that is of any value up until this point in my life?” It would be wrong to say that this train of thought never hit me!  Thankfully, I had a chance to have some experience for the very first time.  Thanks to the Go Green drive sapling planting by BTC, which did not just gave me exciting moments to remember but also appreciation to the entire group in totality.  It’s a awesome group – a bundle of enthusiasts.  I am truly motivated & determined to be with you all.  Kamalesh you are a great organizer.  Roshini – you contribute a major chunk to my UP feeling. 
I have a confession - while the flesh in me is weak, the spirit is still young and I am wondering why I never tried this before.  Sapling planting is hard work. It will break you down but build your strength back up again both physically and mentally. The act of planting a sapling seems easy though but difficult enough too when you consider all the other elements of the job.  3 cheers to those who did the most difficult part of it….making pits.  I tried it, guys trust me it needs a breakfast before & after the job.  This drive turned out to be so enjoyable that I am an instant GO back because for me, this drive is not just enjoyable but a life changing experience too.  I prefer to name my experience  as “ Seed for change in life around & within me “.
The best thing is no experience is mandatory; all you need is simple training and loads of smile & enthusiasm.  The weather was also kind enough. I truly believe that nature supports if your intentions are honest & determined.
Is it possible that we could add some other related elements to this drive like forest restoration, lake revivals etc or any other particular drive for common & social interest?
I would conclude with a famous Greek Proverb: "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in".

Written By        : Sangeetha Nair
Organized By    : Kamalesh
Date of event   : 23rd May, 2015
Members Count: 22
Place               : KR Puram Railway Station
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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