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Trek to Kudremukh on Sept 26 and 27 2015. It was a Joyful … fun filled … adventurous … trek n trip.
Brief Itinerary:
Started on Friday Night  from Bangalore -à Reached Base Saturday early Morningà trekked to Home stay à Refreshed and Refuelled à Trekked back to base -à to Eleneeru  Water falls à tea estate à back to home stay à Fun games + Refuelled + Refresh à Trek to peak of Kudremukh (Sunday Morning) à homestay (Sunday Evening) à back to Bangalore on Monday morning.

In Brief, Trek to Kudremukh was very scenically soulfully joyful, along with slippery and muddy. Trek and bathing in Eleneeru fall was very refreshing and conquering moment of its own kind. The evenings were very playful and fun filled games and entertainment. Stay at home stay was very homely with nourishing, simple and yet tasty food.  Loving and caring family environment.

And appreciation time:: when everything goes effortlessly and joyfully … it’s the result of so meticulously planned and  organised with every small details and back lags taken care. Thanks to the organisers. Also going with lunch boxes to avoid wastage of plastic (applause). Taking gunny bags to clean up on the way (applause).

Any trek or trip with BTC can be summarized to Start with Strangers and Come back with Friends … in-between trek, #plasticFree and have fun.

Saturday Morning
So in the same way, started with 18 members … Boys and Girls, of all different age and background.. With one aim to trek.  Friday night was a small introduction to the team and tried getting enough sleep from the past week. Were refreshed to be on base … ready to explore. As Chaitanya always wants to have a little twist in his trek …. He got us trek with luggage on our back to home stay. It was a beautiful sight of the village in-between mountains … full of adeke … and other plantation … full of Greenery and mountain slants.. Muddy terrain.. and  peak into the beautiful rural houses built with clay tiles roof tops, built in local traditional styles … just one between a km or two. Picking up the fruits on the road… washing in the small stream of water … few flowers. Few clicks n pics… chit chat all the way .. It was refreshing sight from usual city cement jungle.
After putting back the luggage and freshening up … and loaded with yummy homemade breakfast … packed lunch … and headed to Eleneeru falls. And trekking down without luggage and tummy full of food felt like a piece of cake. More chit chat … more talking … more getting to know different people in the trek … is always the friendly touch of the treks. 
Eleneeru Falls::
Trekking (around 15 minutes or so) to Eleneeru  (tender coconut … coz water tastes like tender coconut, hence the name) and standing underneath the forceful water fall of few 80ft or so height ( I think)…. And not being scared of height or slip coz of the super slippery stones u r standing on … and stand strong and not fall coz of the force of water is falling right on your head … and not feel like drowning … but remember to breathe through coz of the cold water pouring like some 200km/hr or so (my estimation) on your head… is a surely a feeling a grand moment of earthlings of this beautiful nature.  And plus sing n  listen to the Bollywood numbers and pose for the pics … try not to shiver but to smile … was the moment of Facebook era … to catch every moment and share.
Later of the day we had a nice peak view of nearby tea estates … and more pics and more chit chats … (don’t know about boys … but girl’s jeep and company was always with chit chats …))).
Game Time... FUN time: (Uno and Taboo)
Trekked back to home stay and refreshed. And it was game time … and Fun time. With BTC … there is never a dull moment.  Either adventurous moments … or fun moments. Time of Uno. This needs a blog of its own….  All of us in big circle, hiding our cards from our neighbours, so we can skip them when they have good cards, or plus them with more cards, or reverse or change the pattern with our wild cards.  And get more intelligent to hold on to our wild card as our Uno cards … to win the game … bam…! Only to be played with EGG card … where you got to exchange your card … you are Uno card … you so well played so smartly till now … to be exchanged with your neighbours. You have to give away your almost win over game … and take what the next person has for you. Was really fun.. And fun and fun …. And lot of tasty snacks made it more tastefully fun. And then there was Taboo (suggested by Swateek) … game of words … cluing and guessing. It’s an app … totally have to try … tests your cluing skills.

Sunday: Trek To peak of Kudremukh
The treks was more of self-revelation than about anything … it was so much of minimalistic living … at least for those 2 days.. And especially those time of trekking.
This trek was soooo different and way beyond just testing of physical ability to climb … or to conquer the mountain... or “I did it” kind of accomplishments feelings. It was way beyond that. It was way beyond just seeing few pics of green mountains and appreciating the nature… the feeling of breathing fresh air … the feeling of the cold breeze touching every cell of your body and energising you even in the middle of sunny tiring trek … the taste of pure never before tasted energising water. Oh my god …. This is living … and what has urban living done to us. No signals … no internet … no connecting to civilised virtual world … or world wide web. But to stand there and connect to the local envt .. the mountains .. never ending greenery … the people trekking with you … connect to yourself was the only choice. It was a journey of self. It was realization of how minimalist life is … just a small bag of things was all needed for day long trek. The most important person were the ones who ever in front and back of you and yourself. The only way you can trek almost straight inclines up … is only when your being there … and being now (not thinking).  All the challenges and complain of urban life doesn’t even cross your mind … if it does … it does not look like so important to be complained about. It was just nature and you.
All the precaution one took to not to get leech bites … does not seem to be more important anymore when you are trying to reach up your destination. Once scary creepy bites … does not scare …. (not totally … when few were happily sucking up the blood … did creepy me out … but when it was on others .. I was v daring … didn’t get scared at all ..)))
Mastered the art of falling in the slippery wet terrain while descending…. That didn’t scare either.

The day was over, with mind content and body exhausted … one could sleep floating in the air… once uncomfortable TT seats was the most luxurious seats to sleep n relax. Screeching break and honk woke us up in Bangalore traffic and road …
Glad to be back … glad to be missed … but part of my soul is still in kudremukh between those green mountains …. Calling to come back again…. The Challenges of daily life still exists, but complaining has minimised, the joy of smile is still swinging …. )))
Candid moments:-
1. Many guys with yellow legs … almost looked like grooms of kudremukh … (it was a turmeric and oil solution to keep leech away) – Click Click

2. Still had leech bite … with blood bleeding … leech dying … click click

3. A Song, same tune, same lyrics but different language ... song at same time, one in Tamil by Madhu, Swateek  in Hindi … by … click click

4. Dance from Karthik, many regional songs from different member, never ending teasing of Anshu and Karthik … click click

5. Play of Egg card at the time Uno – click click

6. Slip n fall while trekking… n getting up with a count… click click

7. Same fruit … few  rejoiced the sourness … and few repelled the sourness … click click

8. Total silence with rejoicing … on the top of the kudremukh --- click click

9. To the sweepers and organisers (Chaithanya, Monisha and Kumar) and to all strong members  (Eeshwar, Swateek, and others) who never left behind anyone else, but kept the company till the end … click click . claps claps.  A special thank you to Anshul … who literally never left me .. till we descended. And to Karthik and others who kept other friends company.

Written By       : Veena
Organized By   : Chaitanya & Monisha
Date of event   : 26th & 27th Sept, 2015
Members Count: 18
Place                : Kudremukh

Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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