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Trip to Rosary Church Hassan - Dawn to Dusk

It was a first for most of us, this was not our regular trek, no climbing a hill, no packing lunch, taking water bottle, no heavy backpacks. It was supposed to be a Trip/Visit to a part of our history.
We began at an ungodly hour 4:30 A.M, however the excitement and thrill got us all out of our beds and on to the road. The pickups were well co-ordinated by Virander and Padma. We all reached at the designated time 5:30 A.M. After a little chat we started out @ 5:38 A.M it was undoubtedly a pleasant, peaceful and smooth journey, the morning wind revitalises and rejuvenates you, and you begin to love the road.
After a few hours into the journey we stopped at a Adiga to freshen up and have our breakfast, it was a much needed break.
After that it was pretty much a no-stop ride, albeit a missed turn (we all hate when that happens).
We reached the church at 10:30 A.M it was a sight to behold the beauty and the grandeur of the place was still there all though buried in the ruins, it hinted that at its peak it stood as one of the most beautiful and sacred place in the region.We walked around the ruins marvelling at the skill and labour that went into making the church.
We then took some pics and wanted to visit the Dam but unfortunately couldn’t get the permission. So headed out for Lunch
We stopped at 1:10 P.M  at a Dhaba named as ‘Green house dhabha’ we were in for a surprise, they served one of the most delicious and yummy food I have tasted, a fact most of us agreed, everything from Daal, roti, Sabzi to even mosranna (Curd Rice) was lip smacking. We thanked the gods and started towards ‘Laksmi Naraya Temple’ .

It was beautifully carved and had such intricate details that we were left spell bound, we were both surprised and inspired at the same time. We came to respect the skill, time, dedication that was put into making this sacred and beautiful temple.
Sadly by the time we finished all of this we were out of time so we had to cancel our visit to another renowned temple.
We reached back to Bangalore around 8:00 P.M. 

It was certainly one of the trip which will go down as memorable, inspiring and a one which makes you proud of your culture and heritage.

Written By      : Saleem umar
Organized By  : Padma & Virander
Date of event : 11th Oct, 2015
Place               : Shettihalli 
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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