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One day trek to Kabbaladurga

Kabbaladurga is a hillock around 20kms from Kanakapura and is approximately 70 kms away from Bangalore. The peak has a temple of Goddess Kabbalamma and had derived its name from the temple and the peak even has ruins of a fort (only 2 half destructed buildings, which looks much like a house than a fort).

It was another day to trek and explore a new hill. We were instructed by our organizers to meet at Kalasipalya Bus Stand by 7:30 AM sharp. We all had assembled on time, and the group was supposed to be 17 in number, but only 12 had turned up. We did not delay and we took a bus to Sathanur, and left Bengaluru at 7:40 AM.

Not much talks happened during the journey, as we were scattered and could only speak to the ones sitting nearby. We reached Sathanur at 9:30, and we took another bus to Kabbalu village, from where our trek was supposed to start. We reached the village around 9:50, and had breakfast, and packed our lunch. We then started the walk at 10:30, and reached the base at 10:50. We now had a formal introduction session. A group of 12 with equal number of guys and girls: Abhishek and Ramya were organizers, Anish, Ajay, Ajith, Ashwin, Shubham, Nikhila, Mounika, Vinusha, Renu and me. We were given general instructions and we started to ascend.
For a few hundred meters, the climb was easy. We had tree shades which helped us a lot since it was very sunny, and the steepness was manageable. Then there was a point where the rocky terrain started, with no trees for shade and it stretched for about a km, and it was also steep, about 45 degrees. We all felt too tired and took many breaks, since we are all sweating like hell. It wasnt the steepness but the sun that drained our energy. Our organizer Abhishek kept motivating to keep us moving, since we stopped wherever we found little shade. It continued like this, and we could finally see some trees in the last part of our journey and we felt happy. Another 20 minutes of walk placed us on the top of the hill.
It was 12:45 by the time we reached the top, and there were 2 temples and both of them were closed. We started posing to the cam and then we realized that we were hungry, and the hunt started for a shady place to sit and relax. This was one problem we faced there- we couldn't find a shady place that could fit 12 of us. We finally found a place where we split in to 2 groups and adjusted in a small place, and we had our lunch. We even shared the snacks that we had bought- oranges, wafers, chikki, butter milk and Renu prepared 3 glasses of lemonades, which cooled down our tummies. We sat there for a while chatting for about 30 minutes, and realized that it was time to leave.
We had a group photo session on the peak, and we got delayed for another 30 minutes, and we thus started to descend at 3 (Our initial plan was to start at 1:30). Getting down the hill was not tiring at all, and even the sun showed a little mercy on us at times. We all reached the base of the hill at 4, and we walked to the main road of the village. We had ice cream and took an auto, and we reached Sathanur at 4:45, and took the bus to Kanakapura, reaching there at 5. We took another bus to Bengaluru from Kanakapura which departed at 5:15. We now had a feedback session, and everyone shared their experience of the day, and everyone indeed had had a great time. The expenses was then shared among all, which was Rs.220 per head. We reached at around 7:30 PM at Kalasipalya bus stand, where everyone bid goodbye to each other.
To end with, It was another great day with another new bunch of people, and thanks again to BTC for the opportunity! Also, special thanks to Abhishek and Ramya for organizing it well and also for the support and motivation that they extended to the group :)

Written By      : Chandrika Mysore
Original Blog   : to TRAVEL is to LIVE
Organized By  : Abhishek & Ramya
Date of event : 17th October, 2015
Place               : Kabbaladurga
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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