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Hutri Durga - Trek on 16th Jan, 2015.

January brings an enthusiasm and love for newness in life. When I combine my interest to meet new people with staying fit and getting closer to greenery, BTC is always my go-to friend. Amidst the confusion of choosing a single trek for the weekend out of several others that were organized as a part of BTC’s third anniversary, I chose one day trek to Hutri Durga.

Our journey started from Majestic in a tempo traveller on the beautiful morning of 16th Jan, 2016. Organizers Padma and Gaurav did not waste a single minute and started the icebreaking game. Each of us had to enact our first name and last name and the rest had to guess, followed by our brief introduction. This was a funny game and we loved guessing and it was followed by the game of guessing famous personalities. We made the best use of 90 plus minutes journey and got to know each other well. We had yummy breakfast at hotel Guru Vaibhava in Magadi. Idli, Vade, Sambar, Chutney, Dosa, Tea and hot filter Coffee – the ideal breakfast that all of us Bangaloreans crave for.

We started climbing Hutri Durga by 10 AM. Everyone was quite relaxed and we paused often to rest,  take pictures and munch on snacks. Sandeep had DSLR camera and was extremely patient to take beautiful pictures. Out of all the snacks we had carried, Oranges were our favourite.There’s nothing like eating a juicy orange in a trek on a hot sunny day! I learnt that it’s really helpful to carry more such natural fruits than packed snack items during the climb.

On our path, we saw remains of the fort that was built by Kempegowda, as per the history. The trek was quite simple and we reached the peak by 1 PM. We stopped at various viewpoints to catch beautiful view of cities around. Now that all of us were hungry, we settled around the temple premises on the peak to have our lunch that we had packed from hotel.

Post lunch, we started with another game of dumbcharrades where 2 teams have to give various scenarios to each other and the opposite team has to guess. This turned out to be a hilarious game , with Ankit, Anuj (The “Soni Brothers”) and Adithya at their creative best! Navya displayed her dance skills and Ramakrishna enlightened us with few of philosophical inputs about life.

We reached base by 4PM. We found much needed tender coconut and felt refreshed. To add to the joy of this wonderful trek, we received warm hospitality of a family related to one of us trekkers. They gave us yummy Nippattu and few fruits grown in their farm. It feels really special when people whom you meet for the first time in life extend such warm gestures to you. With a happy heart, we left from the place around 5 PM and reached Bangalore by 6:45 PM.

Thanks to Apoorva, Akshatha, Veena, Adithya, Ankit, Sandeep Paul, Thrilok, Anuj, Rishita, Navya, Tejaswini, Ramakrishna, Gayathri, Mayank, Neelam, Vikram, Sandeep Kh and organizers Gaurav and Padma for making this trek a memorable one.

Written By      : Anusha Kulkarni
Organized By  : Padma & Gaurav
Date of event : 16th January, 2016
Place              : Hutridurga
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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