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Sunrise at Horaginabetta

Get out there and look at the sunrise, you will feel either tiny or big.I kinda felt both when I looked at the glorious sunrise from Horaginabetta.I was so glad that I lost one night’s sleep.
So 26 adventurous people met at the bus stand opposite to Shantala silk house last Saturday(30 th Jan,2016) .We took a bus to devanhalli and from there a bus to karahalli cross. After reaching karahalli cross around 8.30 pm we stopped by a small restaurant to energize ourselves. Small intro session was held followed by hot hot pakodas, bajji and coffee. Started around 9.40 from the base .
It was pitch dark. Our torch lights guided us .I was both excited and scared .I am sure everybody else was too. We started climbing through the bushes and thorns.I was sincerely praying not to step on a snake or a scorpion. Whenever there was a confusion in the route Kumar and Vikram helped us out. BTC is all about exploring after all.We rested whenever a rocky region came up and we sure did stop for few snaps on the route.
I should mention about the fellow trekkers here ,how they were helpful to each other whenever there was difficulty in climbing. To the right we could see the beautiful nandhi hills too.It was getting a little tiring towards the peak. Around 11.40 we reached the peak. Once you reach the peak and take a look at the gorgeous moon and the twinkling stars you will forget how tiring the climb was. Such an amazing atmosphere it was on the top and it was freezing cold.Now the guys collected twigs and soon camp fire was set.By this time everyone was damn hungry,so we started with instant noodles.I have never found instant noodles so tasty.Everbody got acquainted with each other over dinner in the camp fire.When there is campfire anthakshari is mandatory :D It went on and on still people went out of lyrics .When you are bored of anthakshari always play dumbcharade.Few ppl dozed off in their sleeping bags by this time.How much I envied them.It was getting colder and colder. 
Ramya made us all coffee by 4.30.Now we were fresh to witness the sunrise.Well it was Sunday so I guess Sun was little lazy to get out of its blanket.Around 7.15 I saw the spectacular sunrise .This is my first sunrise .The colours it gave, the way it emerged from the clouds!!Beyond words.This is something everyone should feel in lifetime.The view of the sun and the mountains immersed in the clouds is recorded in my mind forever. 
So whats next?Its picture time !!After few group pictures we started descending down.It was fairly easy.In about one hour we reached the base .I was soo looking forward the breakfast but then few ppl had office ?!.duh..We had to reach Bangalore soon.Boared the bus and reached Bangalore around 10.30 am. Bidding good bye to everybody and promised to trek more. All thanks to the wonderful organisers Kumar and Ramya who made it all easy. Special thanks to the photographers Khusagra and Jeyarj for the brilliant clicks and my co trekkers for the joyful company.

Written By      : ManuVidhya Radhakrishnan
Organized By : Kumar & Ramya
Date of event  : 30th Jan 2016
Place               : Horaginnabetta

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