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BBQs nd Clouds: Horagina Betta Night Trek

Horagina Betta... Wasn't sounding that interesting, but it turned to be really amazing. Yes!! And so it starts this way.. Reached majestic at 4:25pm as we were supposed to huddle up at platform 10, KSRTC bus stand. I wasn't able to see anyone around (I mean people who had worn tracksuit, sports shoe and with backpack - kind of the trekkers costume/uniform - I would rather name it  :-D hehe). The clock had ran over the scheduled time, and I was getting doubtful and started reading the mail sent by Veera again and again, checking the Google maps if I was at the right spot or not. And there comes a bubbly girl Aashika (with costume  :P that's how I identified her). Then people started pouring in, and we were a gang.

We boarded the bus a little late ( all thanks to Bangalore traffic.. Grrrr!!). It was around an hour's travel to Devanahalli, and me, Aashika and Vivek bonded a little over that travel. We missed the local bus that takes us till Karahalli cross and had to hire a mini truck. It was exciting - one of the  bucket list task accomplished for many..tada..!!  ;)
We had an intro of everyone, some do's and dont's by Veera and Pavan, along with hot tea/coffee, bajjis, pakoras.. yum..yumm!! After this Veera instructed us to get ready for the trek, and yes.. we pulled out our armours - the  torches!!  :P We walked a little distance and started ascending. It was sandy, slippery and the grasses and thorns had grown very tall. Few of us had small bruises on hand and leg, felt little itchy too. Veera and Sagar were at the lead the team, Pavan was trailing and Ankit was everywhere... checking if everyone is on track, running to the front and then back (he does really remind you of Tarzan  :P ), many times watching me  and asking if I needed any help, sorry man to have turned you down every time ;) After climbing up for an hour, we reached a flat surface where we took break. The breeze, the night view and the calmness was superb. From then onwards, trek was little easy, reached the temple shrine in few minutes and then the peak. It was chilling cold up on the peak.
Soon we were divided into groups to hunt wood for campfire, and people just bought in piles of them. Soon the fire was set and everyone started to warm up themselves. We unpacked our food - shared some, ate some... But only a cup of ready-to-eat Poha went in circles again and again,exchanging hands, guess its owner ditched it.. Lol..  :D
Ankit had taken up the Chef's role for the night - from heating water till BBQ preparation. The gang started up with antakshari and I guess they felt bored too soon. Priyanka shared her few of the wildlife experiences, and then topics of discussion went random and finally came the anguish and agony stories from the SASTRA Alumni - Pavan and Vivek who just went on with their stories, interesting and heart-wrenching to hear, and kept us entertained till sunrise (I suppose you both can consider option of writing a book, similar to Chetan Bhagat's). Veera was always in semi-Buddha state, less spoken, closed eyes (but not dozing off) and coming to life when wood had to be added for the fire to keep alive, or when somebody taunted him occasionally.
In the middle of this, me, Suma and Ankit started preparing for the BBQ (dressing and undressing the corn  :P marinating capsicums, mushrooms.. And those tiny tomatoes, wow, they were cute and tangy, and Suma never missed a chance to rob them from Ankit). Everything came out so delicious, lip-smacking and far better than what is served in restaurants. All credits goes to Ankit. He was the Mr.Sanjeev Kapoor for the night  ;) 
It was too early to call it a morning, but then cold had suddenly become little fierce, and our Mr.Sanjeev Kapoor's a.k.a Ankit's green tea/black coffee served us as an antidote :P Just then the dawn had started playing with its colors, painting it's own canvas, just above the canopy of untouched white clouds, with the view becoming more mesmerizing with time. It was even more breath taking to see the gigantic Nandi hill, standing unruffled and undeterred as the sun emerged. Took few group photos, wrapped up and got ready to descend. Not to forget.. Good Morning, Prerana!!  ;)
As we trekked down, fog passed by and the beauty of the atmosphere was inimitable. On reaching the base, felt so good and a sense of pride of having completed the trek ( I know it was easy one comparatively, but still.. Time to pat our backs!! Commandoes, mission accomplished!! ).
We parted our ways, with loads of memories of having done such wonderful trek, so much positiveness, meeting wonderful people, a great teamwork together and having experienced the beautiful sunrise and amazing BBQ. Thanks Veera, Pavan and Ankit!! Hoping to see you all again!! Thanks BTC!!

Written By      : Tejaswini Mallesh
Organized By  : Veera & Pavan
Date of event : 5th March, 2016
Place               : Horagina Betta
Members         : 25
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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