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Makalidurga Night Trek

Summer being too early this time I guess our organisers didn’t have a choice other than night treks. So 16 adventurous people from BTC decided to stay awake and trek this Friday night to makalidurga.To give a small intro about this place, its located 60kms away from Bangalore.Makalidurga fort stands on top of the hill. It also has a old temple of shiva and Nandhi.

We met at shantala silk house bus stand at 8pm and started to Makalidurga.In about one and half hours we reached ,had dinner in a hotel nearby .After the intro session and briefing the rules and regulations started the trek. Walking through the railway tracks of Makalidurga towards the hill was a different experience in the pitch dark .In few mins the ascend started. The terrain was relatively easy to climb as there was a clear route unlike horaginabetta.We were accompanied by two guardians throughout the entire trek,yeah the local dogs  :D One dog was named Khaleesi .No offense GOT fans :PThey seemed to be super excited about the trek and I was super afraid of them.There were frequent breaks in the middle. When you just gaze at the night sky you will be awestruck by its beauty.
You never get to see so many stars in Bangalore due to pollution. The twinkling stars motivate you further. In about two and half hours we reached the peak. The view up in the sky and in the land down both look amazing. Okay now its time to collect woods for the campfire as was as it was getting cold .It was tad windy too. You know what comes after the camp fire is set. Anthakshari ofcourse.There was another group of three people trekking there ,so they joined us too.Hiren made a surprise visit and joined us .Dumb chardes was the super fun part.
Virender came up with all old Hindi serial titles and people trying to guess that was amusing.There was snack break too in between.It was getting colder now and there was a beautiful sight of half moon.And there were people peacefully sleeping in their sleeping bags.People who wanted to stay awake snuggled in the sleeping bags.We wanted to start climbing down by 5.30 as we had to get the 7.30 train from Makalidurga station.We started descending down through the fog and by the time we were close to the railway lines we witnessed the magnificient sunrise too.All these time the two dogs were still us.Bidding good bye to them we boarded the train with loads of memories and very less photos as our photographer sneha missed charging the camera (That’s okay ,she apologised  :D )
I am glad I was awake (well actually the dog didn’t let me sleep :P) and trekked Makalidurga this weekend .Thank you for organising it efficiently Virender and Deepthy.I am looking forward to meet all 16 of you in the upcoming events.

Written By         : Manu Vidhya
Organized By     : Deepthy & Virander
Date of event    : 4th Mar, 2016
Members Count : 16
Place                : Doddballapur
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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