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Night Trek (Food Trek) to Kaurava Kunda: 19.03.2016

Date: 19-03-16
     Ting Ting TIng…..Kripya Dyan Dijiye….Aapki Gaadi number 12345 platform no 2 se rahana hogi…Are we going by train????..Wait Wait Wait...This is not the starting….Ha Ha...Platform 12, Shantala Bus Stop,Majestic Bus Station. Yes this was our place of start.. A big voice from Conductor….CHIKBALLUR….hatree hatree(get in)…...Every one reached the place by sharp 7.30 and some scrambling to  reach. I was one among of them. Lol, a new guy fighting against bangalorian traffic. Luckily my cab driver dropped me by 7.45, 15 min overhead. I just ran into bus station and the same time the bus was reversing, ready to leave Bangalore. So luckily and safely after fighting with Bangalore traffic, I boarded the bus and seated in my place.
Time: 07:48 PM
       Bus started from Majestic and it took Hebbal route. I got company of Veera (one of the BTC organizer) to kill my time. But it was really a nice informative conversation with him. Gotta know many things about BTC, their events and some of his own trek experience. Especially his Ladakh trek experience from Delhi ignited me to find a way for such kind of trek. The best part of the day is INDIA vs PAK T20 world cup match. All were immersed into that mood. Hardly after 1.30 hours, by 9:30 PM we reached Chikaballapur town.
Time: 10:15 PM
       We all (21 BTCians) gathered over at one place, and there started our small intro-section. The group or team was a mix of 75% experienced trekkers and 25% freshers. Once the intro got over, we were alerted by BTC rules like, NO to littering, smoking, drinking by our organizers ANKIT & VEERA. Kaurava Kunda here we started for you.. Journey started. It was about 4 kms from Chikaballapur to reach the destination, base of the hill. We were walking all towards the village with our torch, reminded me of Sherlock Holmes tale of my school days story book. It was a perfect walk, where people could easily get introduced with others. By the time we reach the destination, We all knew each and everyone by name at least.. H a H a.. it was our first success.
Time: 11:00 PM
      With no rest and full josh, We started our ascend. Senior trekkers were so helpful, finding the easy way for others and guiding them throughout the reach point. We halted in between, had a small conversation among people, then started. We found a Shiva temple on the way, which we heard earlier, the famous icon of this mountain. We rested for Couple of minutes, by that time filled our attendance chart and started again. One of the great guide of this trek was MOON, it was a (almost) full moon day, hardly needed a torch. Moon light refreshed us and guided us. Madhu, the kiddo on the team, had birthday on the next day. Everyone was alerted regarding this. Clock was ticking 11:58, we all halted and ha ha mini choco bar alias Cake and Match stick alias candle did wonder by welcoming here birthday. Once done with the celebrations, with full josh, we pushed ourselves faster and around 12:35 PM we reached the peak. We did it. We were welcomed by the strong breeze and a bizzare lights view everywhere around.
Time: 1:00 AM
     Pommppp…..pomp…..Time for snacks and dinner. There is a word called KUTTANCHORU in tamil, which means all people will be sitting in circle and they will open up their foods what they have brought. All will share and have it nicely. Exactly same happened. We all shared the entire snack, food which we brought like a single family. 25% of our tummy filled up. Then gangs were formed to start collecting woods for camp fire. Stars over every where in roof and small miniature view of building down, Strong breeze.. no words to explain and you can’t buy that feel how much ever you pay. The entire body, mind got refreshed, felt the real side of us. The team prepared Bhel to subdue the sudden hunger pangs post the strenuous job of collecting fire wood. Not to exaggerate, but it was one of the best Bhel ever had in my life time. Camp fire inauguration was by 3 AM.
Time: 3:00 AM
      Camp fire started its journey with the bonding of small match stick and wood stick. Everyone seated around the camp fire and started with Antakshari, Dumbchrades, Chinese Whisper etc. Meanwhile, a kitchen team was organized for preparation of sweet corn and barbequed Mushroom & Capscicum through the night. Yummy Tummy….It was adorable. Out of world.. Tasted same like a 5 star cuisine. Then came Phase Three of food: Noodles Dhamaka.. Ha Ha.. Trek diversified itself into a FOOD Trek. Great feast to all of stomach only. Some people enjoyed a short nap under the open sky, while others were enjoyed their night without a wink of sleep.

Time: 6:00 AM
      Fight between Cold breeze and Sunlight. Felt little warm. After enjoying the Moon set, here we were all ready to welcome SUN. Darkness started to shade out with giving way to mild saffron colour shades. Here our buddy, Sun, rose on the horizon with his charming shades and glow. We loved the view and instantly Selfie clicks ensued everywhere. All were capturing , literally locking sun beside them in a pic. After a groupie we said a big bubyee to Kaurava Kunda for taking good care of us. We started back down.
Time: 7:30 AM
      After constant walking, We reached the bottom of mountain. Had a feedback session, Congratulated the organizers and started walking towards Chikaballapur. Luckily we got a bus, boarded and reached chikaballapur. Grape and Marrygold flower farm were awesome around in village. Reached the bus station, boarded in bus to Majestic. Everyone were fed up with hunger that they were ready to have breakfast without brushing, ha Ha Ha.. And hence breakfast it was on the way to majestic..
Time: 9:30 AM
      Bus halted in one highway Biriyani shop. People had khuskas and chitranna (bangalore special). After filling our tummy we started and some ppl got down in Hebbal and others in Majestic, from the place where we started. Yes same platform 12, same conductor voice..reached majestic. 10:30 AM, our trek journey ended there...with blissful memories close to heart.
Spl Thanks:
SundeepSagar & Gayathri -- Capturing our crazy moments, photographers.

Written By        : Mohan Prasath
Additional Blog : Sundeep Agarwal
Organized By    : Veera & Ankit
Date of event   : 19th March, 2016
Place                 : Kaurava Kunda
Members           : 21
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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