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“Seriously every kid was a “SUPER STAR” there. Thinking where? Yes it was event Nano kids summer  camp  organised by “AJITA”. Special thanks to her and all 22 special volunteers who came to this event. Along with them should not  forget to thanks those newly married couple who sponsored the entire lunch for the event for kids and volunteers.”

Its 23rd morning at 8.30 a.m.going round & round reached Shanthi nagar where the event was. We were bit early and waited for others to reach. At 9.30 am we started with  intro session and followed by briefing of event by Ajita.  When she told all the plans  for the event I thought  can we do all this. But by the end of the day we did it and i understood we can do more too...J J

At 10 we entered school .First kids were shy. But then we stood in circle where there will be a volunteer  and a kid.  Kids introduced  themselves. There were around 15 kids .To make them comfortable we started with a game which kids taught us.  It was “Nadi and Dada”  means sea and sea shore.  1 person will tell nadi dada so participants should jump in and out of  the circle respectively.   OMG it was such a fun filled game we became “Kids with Kids “.  You know who won the game.It was small girl Akshitha who taught us the game and she was the winner.
”It was such  a enthu  game to start event  ---------SUPERaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Then we started with paper craft.  We made “SWAN” with paper  and “TULIP” with it. Kids taught what does it mean in Kannada. Bathukoli  and Rose hoova J .Thanks to “Radhika “ and  ChaithraJ  . Kids did so well you know  even we volunteers were struggling to do it.  
“It was such a mind blowing game ------ “FUNTAsTicaaaaaaaaa”

Now it’s time to DANCE “oh la la la “  one of my favourite.  J  . We were divided into 2 groups. Both kids and volunteers.  Group 1 was “Amazing” and group 2 was “Rock on”   We had 30 mins to practice the dance. Both kids and volunteers all were telling we don’t know to dance  but at the end all turned out to be a super dancers. 1st group  danced to a kannada song “Thondre illa  pankaja “ and  2nd group for 2 songs “ why this kolaveri di “ and  “Lungi Dance”  All practiced and competition started both groups danced superb But winner  was  team 2.   Thanks to suma and myself for choreographing. 
“It was  fun filled game ----  “oh la la la  Kolaveri   pankaja  Lungi Dance J

Oh now we are tired .Need  something.. Am hungry. Since lunch was yet to arrive we all had “Coconut mein lassi milake: J  ... we didn’t do that coconut is too costly so just “AMUL LaSSi” .By that time lunch arrived.  “Lunch was too yummy”.Chapathi  ,channa masala , palav , curd rice pickle and gulla gulla jamJ (gulab jamoon). 
“It’s too tasty --------“YuMMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” (Didnt get smiley with toungue out J)

After heavy lunch all were feeling sleepy so its time to play  out so food gets digested.  So it’s “PLAY TIME” Some kids wanted to play kho-kho and some  kabaddi. Then we decided to play “kho-Kho” . Same groups started  the game. Some were not knowing the rules.  But still played with our own rules and regulations. Come on rules are there to break. Who the hell cares about  rules J . our  game our rules J . It was too funny. Every one played. Everyone enjoyed. 
“It’s too funny   -----------   “ DAnKA naKa Naka Nakaaaaaaa “ J
Now time for  every kid’s  very favorite yes “DRAWING”  . We distribute them the stationary kit which had pencils, crayons, eraser ,pen, scale. Every volunteer  had assigned with one kid . And then given with  drawing book.  Volunteer  helped  kids to color it. Some did very well and some were too young to understand it and draw. Then there was a drawing competition. Every kid  did draw their imagination on PAPER . Believe it or not they had done it too good. Judges were confused to decide which is 1st 2nd and 3rd.   With great difficulty they selected  3 paintings and gave the prizes. Apart from  that all kids got  chocolates for drawing the pictures.
“It’s too  paintfull----- “COLORFull l llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll “  J

“Jhanavi  was kid who came with one of our volunteer. She played along with them enjoyed .Language is not a barrier  when you have beautiful heart. That’s why we tell kids have beautiful heart, so sweet of you cutie" We distributed some play items like tennis ball, football, badminton,  carom board, story books & cricket bat for kids. We ended with  feed back session  and Group Photo.
There were too many photos and selfies. Thanks to all camera people who captured  all the moments.
“At the end the moral i learnt is  :-   Kids there don’t have “PARENTS”  with them  they stay away from parents because of financial constraints . They don’t have anyone to share their  happiness and sadness” But  they always have beautiful smile on their face . So lead you’re  life with what you have don’t scrib for what you don’t have” .

Written By      :Shilpa Puttaswamy
Organized By  : Ajita Madan
Date of event : 23rd April, 2016
Place              : Shanti Nagar
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

A day-out with our past

It is past when we used to play full day during our summer vacation.  The kids of Bengaluru are enjoying their summer vacation and I am sitting in my office, writing the blog.

On a Saturday, we got an opportunity to reminisce our childhood at Nano homes kids camp with a group of energetic kids. Kids as usual are adorable, cute and candid. Though most of us as kids dreamt of growing up and becoming independent, by looking at them we realised of the cost we paid.
Head counts 1,2,3…..  and I entered, a few minutes late, again 1,2,3…. this is how we started. We BTCians are mostly on time. There were many smiling and happy kids around. After an introduction with the kids we started with dhaara-pani(a version of toota udd maina udd) wherein we have to  jump in and out of a circle. The images of denga-pani were so vivid before me. The game was fun. It was difficult balancing while jumping to and fro.

Paper craft followed next. Standing on the another side, trying to manage the kids, asking them to sit in a group was an experience in itself. There were two paper craft activities and this was followed by a dance competition between two groups.

Voila! Real fun begins.  How can there be on fight with so many kids around? There was one, the naughtiest kid, who hit some another kid and she started crying. After a little pampering  the practice began but wait some kids were running from one group to another and we were chasing them. Didn’t we use to do the same?  The dance was performed with a lot of photographs being taken.
Before the lunch we all had fun among ourselves. After having a delicious meal we were out in the ground for a kho-kho match. What? How can we play kho-kho in this sweltering weather? Guess what, the kids were already running around and were ready to play! Didn’t we play the whole day without caring for the summer? I was sweating and panting; the kids were my past. Then they played tug-of-war without giving a hint of tiredness.

Drawing competition followed next. It was difficult to choose the top three.  There were sheets full of vividness, imagination. Creativity has no limits!

Before closing the day and biding good bye we distributed sport materials like a cricket bat, football and others. How the day passed, I don’t know however; it was a Saturday well spent. Looking forward for many like this J

Written By      :Ishan Deep
Organized By  Ajita Madan
Date of event : 23rd April, 2016
Place              : Shanti Nagar
Pictures          : BTC FB Page 

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