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10K Majja Run with BTC

It is a nice initiative from Bangalore Trekking Club (BTC) to arrange 5K walk and then 5K jog at Cubbon Park Bangalore on Sunday morning. 

I earlier participated in 5K run and was aiming for 10K run. It was a good opportunity to try and as soon as I got the email from Gaurav, I immediately registered for it. 

We planned to meet at Cubbon Park Metro station at 6:25 AM. I was the first to reach there at around 6:05 AM. I came by my own vehicle and there is enough parking at Cubbon Park as we can park on roads inside the Cubbon park. 

By 6:30 we all gathered and started with a quick introduction. We were total 10 people. 3 more were supposed to come but they did not reach on time. We started walking by 6:35 AM. This is the first time I came to Cubbon Park in the morning. It was awesome experience. These days I started hating Bangalore due to traffic and pollution. It was a totally different experience. So much of fresh air and greenery. The person who was leading us was unexpectedly very fast walker. I had to run to catch his pace.

Cubbon park was very active and was full of activities. We could see health enthusiast of all age. On Sunday morning they play band music at the band stand which is at the center of the park.

After finishing the 5k walk we waited for others to join. When everyone has joined we started jogging. The group was very enthusiast. For me 5K jog was more enjoyable. 

After completing jogging, we participated in group activities such as stretching, laughter therapy, Surya Namaskar, Meditation etc. 

Written ByVaibhav Rastogi 
Organized By:  Gaurav
Date of event: May 22, 2016
Place: Cubbon Park
Members: 11
Original Blog : My Travelogue by Vaibhav

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