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It’s little hard to put my feelings into words but here's my best attempt:

Especially after having missed out the first two Vols of paws event, I was eagerly waiting for one to open up soon.  So, when the email from Jigeesha arrived about volunteering for entry on Sunday, 22 May – the fun, adoptable and active mommy in me jumped at the opportunity.   The opportunity to visit Maruthy Dog Shelter at Mullur.  

The shelter is located midway on a slightly bumpy dirt road from the main road after about 1.8 kms from Decathalon Sarjapur.  The shelter has a simple wooden gate, which is kept locked I guess.  I warily watched the shelter and for our volunteers from outside the gate.  I had to wait for a moment for someone to approach from the other side.  He opened the gate & asked me to enter with a big smile.  The moment gate opened, one of the dog and I am sure he is one of the mischievous ones.. Managed to sneak out at the opportunity for a quick run on mud street.  
I was glad to meet the bunch of enthusiasts who were working fencing the boundary wall of the shelter.  Some of them were known faces.   I was guided to enter further from second gate in to shelter where other volunteers & woof friends were. In my next few steps forward, I realized I entered a world that was brand new to me and I was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of the shelter.  

There are around 100 mistreated and injured dogs being taken care of on this premises.  Few more steps forward to the enclosure area took me close and personal with these animals… some injured, aged, hit by cars, paralyzed ones, mistreated ones and on and on.  While I felt sad and sympathetic towards them; I was also feeling wonderful to witness that these who would have been left to die on the streets are now actually walking around, lying down and even fighting.  This premises offers them attention from Aditi and Robin every day and from other caring people who decide to visit them.  Really love and admire both Aditi and Robin for the way they are taking care of them.
Dogs were constantly approaching us in curiosity and also to be played with.  They looked anxious, restless at times and excited by our presence.  Wow, I loved my nose-to-nose moments with them.

Aditi is managing this shelter for over 8 years and mentioned that she knows each and every dog by their names, stories and has a connect with all of them.  I decided not to ask in detail about every animal I passed by as to how they landed up at the shelter.  I was sure there must some heart breaking brutal stories to be heard.  But, seeing these animals living there and the kind of attention they are getting gave me a sense of relief too. This was enough for me get convinced that this is one centre which deserves support and attention.   I was glad for the opportunity that I got to be a part of their efforts (though in a small and humble way) -  in terms of time & efforts.  Special thanks to BTC for bringing this opportunity to us.  I was witnessing the passion and unconditional love again and again, which was so much evident and visible in the eyes of every volunteer of our BTC including the youngest volunteer.  It was really amazing to see the involvement by the young one and also appreciate the thoughtfulness of the parents to bring their little ones for such events and pumping the ethics and sense of accountability to them via these.  I am sure we all agree that these work as learning experiences for all of us.
All were more than willing to dedicate their time and energy to help these animals the best possible way they can.  Very carefully and lovingly all were engaged in activities like doing fencing, mending shelter with tarpaulin sheets, cleaning and weeding the ground, spraying tick medicines and on and on.  It took no time for these loving animals to approve our efforts… they soon assembled & started settling under the mended roof.  We could sense that it was surely relaxing and much needed.  It brought big smiles and sense of satisfaction on our faces.  Bunty – the dog was so excited to see the big tarpaulin sheet and grabbed it for his comfort.  He tried his best not to move and not to give it back to us to fix roofing.
All volunteers from BTC were of the same opinion and emotions that we got to spend only few hours and do less work.  We all were willing to work more – longer period of time.  Irrespective of what time frame we spent; we all got a chance to be a part of something special and kind.  We all carried home great memories and a smile of satisfaction that we could do at at least a bit to help and support these helpless animals in our city.

I want to give a huge thank you to Aditi and Robin for being such a wonderful hosts during our visit.  A big special thank you to Jigeesha and Pavan for organizing this event.  Congratulate BTC and its organizers for their thoughtfulness and for executing such noble events.
Written By      : Sangeetha C
Organized By  : Jigeesha & Pavan Teja
Date of event : 22nd May, 2016
Place             : Maruthy Dog Shelter, Bangalore
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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