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WOW Trek to Rayakottai : May 29 2016

Writing this trek experience on the way home, just few minutes back saying our goodbyes to the wonderful wowbies, with a hope seeing them again in future treks of BTC and still the memories are fresh.
We had our first round of saying "hi" at the ticket counter, early morning. The Bangalore weather was indeed awesome, drizzling a bit. It would have been more relaxing staying at house and enjoying cool weather, but this bunch of wowbies were already determined to do something exciting - trek to Raykottai.
We headed for the train, which arrived 20 mins late, and all the instructions we got from the organisers, is to just barge in as soon as the train arrives and get hold of the seats. Tough time. Catching seats was a bit insane, but managed to get one for everyone. Started playing antakshari, to kill the time and entertain ourselves, and I stayed mum most of the time, as I was not into listening/singing songs and I hardly remember any. All I have to say is that, the opposite team just spared us from bashing, because they got the same starter-letter innumerable times.
Reached the destination and had our breakfast in a small hotel, packed our boxes ( Somebody just saved the veg wowbies!! ). We started our trek with a beginning-photo-session. The path was almost made, so it just saved us from getting of the track. Few of the fort remains, made us just go into imagination - just like as if our time machine is paused, the screen goes black-white,  may be like a king passing the same path as we are crossing now, may be hundreds of soldiers marched the same path, may be there was a cannon placed in the same place, some one shouting "Sainiko, akraman karo!!". OK, the time machine is ticking now, back to senses. 

We had our own pace, took umpteen photographs, after all the day was meant for us. We explored every peak, the awesome views of lush green with chain of mountains seemingly visible. Few places cave-like gave us feeling like nature-made air conditioners. Climbed the topmost peak, with a little more effort. There was no shelter, but halted by to curb our hunger pangs. The bright sun played hide and seek. We had our one round of last photo session and started descending. Thanks to the wowbie photographers - Shreetama, Omita, Ritu for capturing all the endearing moments. The trek down was an easy one, and we reached the ground within less time. No body couldn't guess where we missed our track, but it was indeed good, super fast.
We marched towards the railway station, to head back to our home (secretly wishing to catch up the IPL finals). The day was filled with joy, lots of fun, pranks and some beep-beep cranks, with no bounds meant for the wowbies to enjoy their day. Thanks to the organisers - Monisha and Ritu for organising this trek, and making each one of them feel awesome, dedicating a trek only for the women and giving us all a chance to rewind few of our memories and forgotten childhood days. Thanks to the ladies who joined hands in making this trek a amazing one.

Written By     : Tejaswini Mallesh
Organized By : Monisha & Ritu
Date of event : 29 th May, 2016
Place              : Rayakottai, TN
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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