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Footslog: Tumakuru - Bound

Footslog: Tumakuru -Bound
On a crisp morning in July, 20-something enthusiasts ventured on an exploratory trek to one of the lesser-known trekking spots in Karnataka. This hillock at a height of 3900 ft above sea level and located near in Tumakuru.

Out and About
            The day began with everyone convening at Bangalore Majestic Railway station as the journey was by rail. Thankfully, there were no delays and we reached our destination in over an hour and a half. The train journey was mostly comfortable as this route does not attract a crowd of passengers.
By the time we hopped off at location, it was time for breakfast.
So we moved on to the nearest restaurant and filled our tummies with nice "Thatte Idli & Vada" and packed lunch, we started walking towards the start point of the trek.  
On reaching the trekking spot, we were briefed about the trek by the organizers Arun and Channa and everyone got an opportunity to introduce themselves. The group had a good mixture of novices, regular BTC members and trekkers in general. What really amazed me was no matter the background or profession of each of the participants, we all shared an energy to get out and explore.
The Expedition

            Being a rarely-heard-of-spot, the trail is not well-defined, which was fitting for the theme of our trek-being an exploratory one. The first part of the trek was nearly flat and we could easily shank’s pony over the rocks and mud path. 
We frequently stopped to catch our breath and give everyone time to catch up, and of course the photo sessions! Thankfully somewhere in the middle, we were greeted by young lads of the neighboring towns who were familiar with the trail and helped us scout the best route. There had been a few areas where the trail was slippery due to the previous day rains. Nevertheless, nothing was going to dampen our spirits as we charged forward. The final leg of the trek was steeper and mostly large boulders, for which some of us needed assistance. A good tip for all those of fear of altitude is to not look down and take larger strides.
            The top of the hill was spectacular. The air was fresher and few pools with lotus flowers dotted the landscape. The views from the top were picturesque and rich in local biodiversity, only to be blemished by human intervention. BTC members are against littering and we were advised to pick up after ourselves as we left. 
            The dissension was easier and takes lesser time. The sun was scorching by then and most of us split into smaller groups depending on our pace. We made it right in time to catch our 4 o’clock return train to Bangalore.
            The whole adventure just cost us Rs. 130 each, which, in my opinion, is 100 per cent value for money.  The trekking experience in itself was power packed, fun-filled and invigorating. We departed with a few bloody knees, scrapes, thorn-pricks and bruises but a heart filled with memories. I strongly recommend this trek to anyone who is excited about exploring, nature and meeting new people. The organizers are genuinely friendly, very helpful and extremely patient with slow movers (like myself)! Overall, it was the highlight of my mundane week.

Written By       : Aasiya Aslam
Organized By   : Channabasappa Nad & Arun Kumar
Photo Credits  : Sandeep, Urvi, Sowmya, Ameya, Sagar, Arun
Date of event  : 31st July 2016
Place               : Tumakuru
Pictures           : BTC Facebook Page

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