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My 10K jog & walk event with BTC

In my everyday lazy schedule I was desperately waiting for BTC’s next round of jog to Cubbon park as I had missed the chance to part of all other schedule L and the moment the I saw an email from Gaurav I grabbed it with both hands! What best could you possibly do on a Sunday@!!And bang on! I was selected with list of 23 other participants and my ever ready companion Shalini J ..
I was super excited to start my day with some power packed experience and we started by 0545hrs to reach on time but unfortunately we missed our first metro at Indiranagar only to reach 5 minutes late. But nevertheless we reached cubbon park metro station exit gate by 0630hrs and found Gaurav standing at the nearby gate. As we were running short of time we skipped the intro session as few had already started their jog :D so we also quickly prepared ourselves also to be a part!
The jog started with a brisk walk of 5 kms so as to warm us up for next quick jogging session of another 5kms.As we continued to follow the regular trail a small activity at the park disrupted and made us discover a new way, the distance which was slightly more than the regular 5kms! We covered somewhat close to 5.5Kms (Huh!!! Exhausted by then)

After a brief one hour jog we were all ready for the next session-Jogging!  Gaurav instructed us to use the same trail for jogging and we all agreed to reach at the decided spot! (Except for the trained) we beginners were struggling our best to push inner limits and to finish the ever- felt- like -never ending trail: D .After 45 minutes or so we all successfully completed the jogging session!! So proud J  .What followed was a few snap, snap, snap…photos!!
 Tired yet excited we all gathered around for a quick warm up session to rejuvenate our body parts with exercise like body stretching, swinging, shoulder twisting, toe touches, eye twisting, free hand skipping etc. and what followed was some real fun time, introduction and ended with one more round of group photography session (PS:- after all the hard work and fixture one of the camera ran out of battery  ;D ) and by 1015hrswe all dispersed and treated our self with some energy drink only to bid adieu with a big hope to meet again J 

As they say “stop wishing, start doing” this event was exactly the much needed motivation factor (at least for me) to understand how much our body need daily dose of physical activity!! Kudos to team BTC J

Written By: Amrita Nair
Organized By:  Gaurav Kamath
Date of event: June 19, 2016
Place: Cubbon Park
Pictures : BTC FB Page

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