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Kudremukh Trek - July 23rd

It was Friday and the mood was setting in Blore .  Every one rushing towards home and getting ready for the weekend.  Fighting through the traffic , reached the Shantala silk house which looked abandoned except for a buncha enthusiastic guys gathered.  Here, we were ready to leave the chaos of the city and all set to hug the mountains for a couple of days.  2 groups of nature lovers one to Kodachadri and the other to Kudremukha were all set to begin the journey.  The moments were captured in the camera with a “Leech” smile. Yes! That is what the group said instead of the traditional word to smile before the click ;).
  Monsoon trekking , rain forests , grasslands , waterfalls ,Oh! Everything was so lucrative and inviting.    When I registered for BTC and saw this event.  I was only waiting for my confirmation.  And the experience was worth every bit of the wait J.

The introductory sessions got kicked off with dumb charades.  Various back ground, interesting thoughts and views of life and one common interest amongst all….Hiking and nature….The team sounded interesting and fun loving.  The Journey of excitement had just begun….

Having the uncanny ability to sleep any where , I was able to get some sleep amidst the loud music (Next time somebody please buy the driver some Red Bull drink).  I opened my eyes to a treat of Gorgeous hill and sound of streams.  Lokith mentioned we had just reached Kudremukha…Wow!!! Just the view and sound took off all the tiredness of travelling.  We all got geared up to start our romance with nature… Quick BTC rules and safety instructions were provided and we started with a small hike to the home stay.
The team started  jelling and getting to know each other.  Starting with no hiking experience to having hiked in the ladakh region, the team had varied experiences and we all had our stories to share J .  The homestay was located in almost a dreamy location surrounded with streams and mountains.  The food served was extremely delicious, not sure if it was the cooking skills or the environment though!! 

The plan was to visit the eleneeru falls the first day and trek to Kudremukh peak the next day.  The water of the falls was as tasty and refreshing as the eleneeru it self , doing justice to the name it carried .  The trail to the falls was more interesting .  The tiny slippery place with a tinge of leeches did make it exciting.  For some one like me who had very less experience with Leeches , it was adventurous indeed.  Every one was tired and ready to get some rest.  But the group got the fun ball rolling.  The weather , bajjis served and the games only got us charged up J before the dawn began….
Next day, It was around 7:30 Am in the morning and the team   was all ready to start the hike.  We started by choosing our sticks carefully.  Thanks to Sowmya for selecting one for me ;).   What we experienced next , was nature at its best!!! So much of splendid beauty.  She was luring us with every aspect of her beauty- hidden cliffs within the shrubs , Leeches with whom we should learn to share our blood J.  Beautiful streams with the tastiest water (I swear water tastes delicious here).  Gorgeous huge trees , fresh air and the drizzling rain to wash away the strain…Sure to get lost in all these magic :). To top all these, the view was always amazing surrounded by series of hills.  I really wish to see the sunset and sunrise on these mountains one of the days… The photographers had so much to capture that they gave in to the deal of mother nature to share their blood  with the leeches J .    We were even lucky enough to catch sight of a group of stags.
A team of strangers in an unknown forest with no contact to  the outer world , learnt how to rely on each other and enjoy the surrounding in a responsible way.  It was implicit that any one in the team was always ready to help  anytime.  Was it again the environment which brought the best out of us , I don’t know … But it is very important to rejuvenate Mind, body and soul with such experiences J.

A huge thanks to BTC and the organizers  for bringing in such a wonderful culture and making the treks so organized. 

Thanks to the wonderful team of Kudremukha trek for etching some of the most beautiful days in my memory… J

Written By      : Rohini
Organized By  : Lokith
Date of event : Jul 23, 2016
Place               : Western Ghats

Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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