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Agumbe Trek - In Leeches & Rain

The meeting time was 7:45 pm for this trek at shantala silk house, Majestic Fri 26th Aug
I started office by 5:30 pm and I reached Richmond by 7:30 pm .Then I called Vikram and said it will take some time to reach venue and reached by 8:05 pm. After reaching there, seen some know faces Prashant Patil, Neha and Sudesh. I had done treks with them previously also. Meanwhile Vikram was in calls. Others who still on their way. Also there was another trek to Kudremukh and met Chaitanya who was far early as they were scheduled to leave by 9:30 PM. There was a drop out and we started our Journey with 11 BTCians

Later we started our Journey with introduction and their was doctor Darshan (still studying) was asking questions of each introduction candidate and it was fun. Also his introduction involved why medical students start with studying of dead bodies And his story of playing with organs was hearing to a biology seminar after 10 years seems like. He promised us a treat in hotel. And in his intro, he was telling the ethic principles
1. First comes the Country.
2. Then Family
3. Friends
4. Others
After the trek is completed, till now no invite for any trek members of this group.
Also there was one person Mani who has done n number of treks who came all the way from Chennai for this trek and back on Monday afternoon office. He is one hard core Trekker I can say. Also there was Kishan and was quite interesting in hearing his 2 state story. We stopped near dhaba for dinner and Ordered rotis, dal and jeera rice.

And again the intro continued with Kirti Alias chadar and her Stories. Later we all fell asleep and reached Agumbe by 5 am

Day 1 : Sat 27th August
We freshen up in Agumbe bus top and had our breakfast and packed our lunch rice bath. Meanwhile the guide Thimappa alias Gaddapa already taken thertha and was in full form came to Bus stand. Vikram along with Gaddapa and Patil went and got the necessary approvals from Forrest department. We reached Gaddapa place by 7 AM and dropped all our back packs. And started the trek from Malandur route with 10 ltr bag carrying lunch and rain coat pouch.

Initial 30 mins of trek was smooth. Later the actual fun started. Rain and the die hard leeches waiting for us. The rain was there through the trek which I thoroughly enjoyed. And we did our blood donation to leeches to maximum. We were able to find small water streams flowing and filed water in them. While climbing Vikram decided that, we will visit Barkana falls while coming down so that we will save our energy as well we have 8 kms trek in the rain with path slippery and leeches.

As the trek continued Chadar was in the front along with guide. Myself and Patil in the last. Vikram was coordinating in the middle and each time he was shouting Chadar ok and Patil /Naveen ok. As the journey continued in the rain, fog and leeches are with us only. It was totally an different experience and realized why it is called “The Cherrapunji of the South”. After reaching one stage, where we had 3 kms trek to Narasimha Parvatha top peak, Guide told us we will return back as it will be late descending and it will become dark.

Chadar and Vikram discussed and Chadar convinced to guide to take us to NP and we decided we will skip Barkana falls. The final stretch was too fog and difficult level was as high as we were already tired. But we were pushing each other and made the peak point. But it was foggy their and we could Not see any scenery views. We had out lunch at the peak and took pics.

Next thing was which trek path we will use to get down. As it was already 2 pm , guide was telling it will become dark and better we take Kigga route which is only 6 kms. Vikram decided will take Kigga route. At that point of time I felt really bad as I missed Barkana falls and we are shot of time. But Vikram decision is genuine one as we can't put our team into trouble. The trek from NP to Kigga is a easy one and descended with taking pics and had a very good chit chat with Mani. He is Also a CTC member and done cyclic events with Peter. He was telling about many other interesting stories about him and his treks.

Once we reached down the hill , the guide arranged a jeep and we all stated our Journey. The jeep Journey was too good. The driver was riding in high speed. And Antakshri was really fun in jeep. There were 2 teams: One Team-Kirti,Neha, Prashant Choyal ; Other Team - Vikram,Darshan, Prashant Patil. Here it was solo performance by Vikram. Rain was playing hide and seek at the time we are playing in jeep. Later Myself, Patil and Mani were standing and enjoying seeing the beautiful sceneries on both sides of the road.

We reached the Guide's place by 5 PM. And was offered hot water for bath. Vikram and Chadar started for preparing dinner. Neha, Sudesh , myself and Prashant choyal helped them in cooking. Meanwhile Darshan, Prashant Patil and Vivek helped in getting water from well to the drums. They helped in getting sufficient water so that it was enough for all of us getting freshen up. Also there was TV, where remote needs to charged in front of stove for heat. Gaddpa was good in heating and Darshan/Patil tried. It did not work. Guess remote made a connection with Gaddapa. Vikram first prepared snacks which was too good. Also chadar brought sweets which I only ate 4. Later vikram prepared Panner Kaddi, Jeera rice, payasam & packed chapathi which was got from home. We had enjoyed the dinner and fall of sleep as were tired. Could hear heavy snoar at night.

Day 2 Sunday :
We woke up by 7am and freshen up. Gaddapa wife served us with Coffee made up of Jaggery. Vikram and chaddar started preparing Puliyogare. For breakfast, we first cleared all the left over Jeera rice and then puliyogare. We packed the remaining  puliyogare and started our journey to Onake abbi falls trek. We trekked for 5 kms to reach the falls.  Rain & leeches welcomed us again. After reaching the falls, we started clicking selfie. Viram & Mani got into water & rest were chit chatting.
Rest no one entered.

Later again we started the trek back to main road. After reaching Main road, everyone were busy in removing leeches so that we won’t carry them in TT. We visited Doddamane where my favorite Show Malgudi days directed by my all time superstar Shankar Nag. It cherished our memories. Visiting Doddamane was in my list and it’s done. Later we headed to Agumbe bus stand and we had our lunch. And bid bye to Gaddapa, who again in full form after taking theratha.

Now we started our journey which 30 kms. While travelling in TT, driver suddenly applied breaks after noticing a green snake in the middle of the road. Vikram got down and made sure it crossed the road as it was not moving for some time. Then we started our journey. We reached by 3 PM to Kaveladurga fort and stared the trek. While trekking, it was raining and watched the fort and taking pics. We spent some time after crossing Third entrance. The view is very good  from top of this fort. We had a very good time of clicking Bursts mode pictures by Chadar and Mani become the culprit for 3 times. Later he realized what is happening and stopped. But still Vivek and Prashant Choyal took the jumping pics.  But not in Bursts mode:) But another Prashant(Patil) was in deep mediation playing Shiva songs.

Later we headed down and started our journey to Shimoga as trekking was over. While in Jouney in TT, we made sure the Puliyogare we packed was over. All credits goes to Vikram and Darsan for finishing it. In Shimoga, we had Gobi Manchuri followed by Coffee/Tea. Also we played Antakshri and out TT driver even he was actively participating singing Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu songs. Later we started our journey around 8 PM from Shimoaga and stopped near Dabba around 10 PM and had our dinner followed by feedback session. We reached Bangalore by 3:30 AM and started back to home with lots of memories.

Written By       : Naveen KV
Organized By   : Vikram
Date of event   : 27-28 Aug 2016
Members Count: 12
Place               : Agumbe
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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