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One Day Trekking to Kunti Betta 11.2.17

This was my first trek with BTC. I arrived at the meeting point early and met Ashish, who was one of the organisers of this trek.

Everyone arrived before the designated time and we could proceed without any delay.
We reached the platform and our train arrived in a few minutes. We scrammed to beat the crowd and secure a seat for everyone.

There were 25 of us, but we managed to squeeze into just 2 adjacent compartments. Once the train started, we had a formal round of introductions. We had trekkers from many parts of our country.

Then followed the traditional round of dumb charades to kill time till we reached Pandavapura. This day will probably go down in history as the day it took the better part of an hour to guess a film title, which was a whopping 38 words long!

Having disembarked at Pandavapura, we hired a few autos to drop us off to the base of Kunti Betta. Suffice to say, the ride in the overcrowded auto was an exhilarating one.

We started the climb at just after 10. The trek was relatively easy and everyone managed to keep going. We made frequent stops in shaded areas to take pics.

Whenever there was a tricky section, BTCians rose to the occasion to ensure their teammates cleared the obstacle safely. And there were quite a few obstacles along the way.


With winter almost at its end, the sun was bearing down on us relentlessly. By the time we reached the top, the sun was overhead and we were all huffing and puffing, which left us hunting for shade under the rocks.

After catching our breath and relaxing a bit, Ashish and Pavan taught us the game of Ping Pong (no, not table tennis). It backfired though, since some of us teamed up and made it our mission to get the organisers to lose and dance/sing for us! :D

Lunch was potluck, everyone shared whatever they'd got with everyone else. This was followed by a group photo session on the hilltop.

Soon, it was time for us to head back down. Some of the tricky uphill sections were even trickier when going downhill. Once again, team effort ensured everyone got down safe and sound.


Every trek is a learning experience, and we did learn a lot about our own individual capabilities. And how to improve upon them.

The most memorable moment, for me at least, was the very end: sliding down the rock for the last dozen or so metres. Seemed like the inner child came out of us all.


The auto ride back to the railway station was even more fun, with one auto running out of oil and another one stopping coz of a loose spark plug.

All in all it was amazing to have spent the day with an amazing bunch of people who understand the value of being environmentally responsible, while at the same time making sure there's never a dull moment.

Thanks to the organisers for taking care of everything, and thanks to everyone for making it an amazing experience!

Looking forward to the next adventure with BTC!!

PS: Kudos to everyone for actually putting the No Littering, No Smoking, No Drinking rules into practise!

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Written By      : Niranjan
Organized By  : Ashish & Pavan
Date of event : 11th Feb. 2017
Place               : Kuntibetta
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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