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One day WOW trek to Madhugiri on Jan 21st 2017

Madhu Madhugiri

A trek to Madhugiri betta was an experience filled with memories which were as sweet as honey(Madhu). To begin with, this was my first trek with WOW and it turned out to be wonderful. We began our journey to Madhugiri betta by first assembling in Majestic bus stop at 6:30 am. We reached Madhugiri betta at around 10:30 am. This trip by bus was awesome with hills on either side of the road welcoming us. Then after having breakfast and introduction session we starting climbing the hill. It was a fort which had watchtower,secret tunnels,small temple and other interesting stone structure. The fort consisted of steps to climb initially ,then it was mostly steps which was carved out of stone and finally as we moved towards the top mostly it was like rock climbing. 

 There were bars to hold on to while climbing at most of the places.There was one critical spot which was quite intimidating for all of us where we had to cross horizontally without any support as such. The weather really supported us as it was not that sunny,but there was very strong wind almost pushing us sometimes. Finally we reached the top of the hill,had lunch,relaxed a bit. Then started our journey back to the base at 2:30 pm.The downhill journey was equally exciting and we reached the base and were able to catch the bus by 4:00 pm. We were back to Bangalore at 7:00 pm and gave our feedback in the bus itself. The group was very friendly and everyone mingled with each other. 

 A big thanks to the organiser Laxmi who was very helpful and used to motivate all of us to continue the climb and also the photographer Archana who very patiently waited for us when we were taking breaks during the trek and took our photos wearing a smile herself. Overall the trek was a really good experience!!!!  

Written By      : Ramya Rao
Organized By  : Raja Lakshmi
Date of event : 21st Jan 2017
Place               : Madhugiri

Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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