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Dream Trek to Kumara Parvatha (25 - 26th Feb '17)

I am very excited to tell about my experience with BTC organized two-day trek to KP.

It was around 9.45 pm on Friday 24, 2017, we (me and my hubby) reached Majestic with lot of questions in the back of the mind running about the trek and the team...Pavan introduced himself and said already there are few people waiting the other side..okay, we went joined them.  It was a team of 21 members, 20 had come and it was 10.30 pm.  Abhilash was yet to join and it was 10.36 pm, that he joined and we finally started our dream trek.

First everyone introduced each other with a very innovative way.  The organizers came up with innovative methods to keep the group interactive and it did work.  All felt energized and started to have fun with games, conversation, etc.  By then, we stopped for a coffee/tea, it was around 12.00 am.  After this break, everyone slipped into sleep.   It was about 5.30 am, we reached Kukke Subramanya.  After freshening up and having our breakfast, we started to trek.  Satheesh started leading us as he had done this trek before (but he made us to walk 0.5 km extra as he got confused :)).

We entered proper forest area, beginning was good.  As we started climbing, it became harder and harder as we all were carrying our tents, sleeping bags, water bottles, and some food..huh.. Supporting each other, we were able to climb to First stage that is Bhattra Mane, the only house in the mountain...what a sigh..We all started unfolding our back packs and we placed our tents in the forest area near the house.  Everyone were very hungry and in the Bhatra Mane, the hot rice and sambar was ready and in no time, we all finished lunch, and started to take rest in the places wherever shade was present.

At 4.30 pm, we all started to climb the small hill to a sunset point.  There gang started to play the game for sometime, and sunset was incredible visual treat, which we all enjoyed in silence.  

We descended by 6.30 pm and reached our tents.  At 8.30 pm, we all had our dinner and played antakshari for some time.  Our organizers asked us to be ready by 3.30 am, as we have to start trek by 4 am maximum so that we can reach peak without sunburn :).  The 3 organizers got up before everyone else and started waking everybody and made sure we started from Bhatra Mane by 4 am, and we reached forest department office wherein we were given permission to trek, and thus we started our second half climbing by 4.36 A.M.

The climb was very hard, though scenes and the journey was awesome and very memorable for us.  Half way up, Satheesh told us that we might be going in the wrong direction, and his instinct was right.  Pavan made us to wait and he found out that we were little deviated from the route.  Thank god, we had not gone too far!!!! Immediately, team was directed to right route, and we started to climb again.  It was never ending...we reached Pushpagiri mountain peak and it was a great view and the most amazing feeling we had due to its scenic beauty.  It was worth a climb. 

We had to get down and climb another hill to reach Kumaraparvatha peak...started feeling how much more... but did not think much as there were many people in gang and we were having interactions with each other...And in the group one person showed us a Flag and told us that it was the peak and we were very near to that....it was such a happy feeling....and we did it.  All of us reached the peak by 9 o'clock,   wohoooo, pretty good timing.  What an enthusiastic team i must say, no body gave up.  We all screamed with joy...It was worth a Climb...we took pictures for proof that we did KP treak :)...Great Feeling.

After having breakfast, we started descending the hill by 9.30 am.  By 1.30 pm, we reached back bhatra mane.  Had lunch, took little rest and started climbing downhill to Kukke.  Hurray!!!! WE ALL MADE IT...AWESOME TREK...GOOD TEAM....WELL ORGANIZED...

I would like to thank all the three organizers Pavan Teja, Amol, and Ishaan for being so cooperative and also all the team members who have been very enthusiastic.. 

Thank you all...Glad I was a part of this trek.

Written By       : Suma Sharma
Organized By   : Amol SaindaneIshan Deep & Pavan Teja Mandava
Date of event  : 25-26 Feb 2017
Place               : Kumara Parvatha
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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