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I had registered with BTC few months ago and got this Event notification to Nijagal Betta. Within few mins all the seats got filled. This was my first BTC trekking and I was too excited about this trip. One day before the trekking, climate wasn’t that great as it was raining heavily and we were worried a little if this trekking would get happen or not, luckily it did not get cancelled. We started our adventurous trekking by 7:30AM where few of us started our journey from Majestic via Train and few others joined us from Yeshwanthpur.

We got down in Dabasapete station from there we all got into to an auto and stopped near Kamath hotel had hot breakfast and we all started our journey. I could see loads of excitement in all of them most of them had been for few trekking events earlier whereas few of the crowd were knew like me who had loads of questions in our mind. I was so happy to see a good crowd and I could already feel the organizers were so good and they had built rapport with all us. There were 4 organizers Amol, DG, Srikanth & Vikram and all were wonderful. 

As I was going for a trekking with unknown crowd to the unknown place I had so many questions like how would be the crowd, is the place safe, how would organizers take care of us, do they support us and loads of things buzzing in my mind but at the same time I could already feel that this will be my most memorable trekking/outing ever. It was lovely weather blue clouds, breezy air, rocky mountain, beautiful environment, greeneries and excitement to reach the peak at the earliest.  We started walking and while we were walking we started communicating to each other started to know each other well. We all had a small introduction and organizers briefed us about the rules and regulations of BTC we all were energetic, enthusiastic and exited to start climbing the mountain by taking a group pic. 

We started climbing and initial path was easy later it was little difficult to climb as the rocks were little slippery and muddy. Almost half of the way we found a Darga which was a very famous one and we could see most of the crowd walking towards Darga with no cast and creed and that was little strange too and I asked a lady out there how come you guys are coming to this Darga what is so special about it and she says Madam this is one of the famous Darga in this place before going to the top of the mountain people visit here and then go, from that place when I looked at the top of the hill it was so beautiful. After taking rest for half an hour and by taking loads of pictures we started climbing the hill it was little difficult to climb few were going front and few were left behind but organizers were so good to take care of each and each everyone. No matter whoever were walking slow they kept motivating us by saying you can do it, it’s ok go slow destination is very close.  All organizers made sure that we were motivated and there were there to support and walk along with us. 

We reached the destination at 12:00PM took darshan of lord Veerabhadreshwara and found a cool and calm place where we all settled and started playing few games had our lunch together. As our lunch was potluck we all tasted everybody’s food, food was very tasty and yummy. Location was fantastic and beautiful and we took load of pics and then we started our descent shortly and we reached the base at 3 PM. We walked on the Railway track for 4kms and then reached Dabaspet Railway station. On the way, back I had loads of chit chat with everybody especially with organizer Srikanth and Amol to know how do they conduct these trekking’s, what all the places they have visited so far and the stories were very interesting. Burnt few calories, little bit of walking, interaction with all of them, made loads of friends and that was the most memorable day of my life. We reached Dabasapet Railway station boarded the train 4:30PM and reached Yeshwanthpur by 5:30PM.
BTC organizers took care of all of us, they are very organized with good time management. I would say I have never seen such co-ordination & unity like BTC organizers. They are the main reason why BTC is flooded with loads of registration today and there are high demands to conduct loads of trekking’s. I am not sure in my future trekking whether I will be able to meet those friends, but I am confident that whichever place I choose to go organizers, will make that a memorable trip.  Thank you and my best wishes to you all. 

Written By     : Harini Jadhav
Organized By : Amol Saindane & Dinesh Gupta
Date of event : 21st May 2017
Place             : Nijagal Betta
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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