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The trek to Ramadevara Betta !

It was a cloudy night on 16.06.2017, the winds whistling through the trees and in every way symptomatic of fresh bouts of rain.. And I apprehensively checked my mails and immediately lighted up with joy, knowing that the exploration trek to Ramadevara Betta hills organized by the Bangalore Trekking Club(BTC) is not canceled but the whole team was advised to carry raincoats and we were still going ahead as per plans!

The next day however, turned out be breezy and mildly sunny throughout our trek. 🙂

It was my first ever trek in life and also, my first with BTC..and sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed!
We assembled at the Yeshwanthpur railway station and awaited the arrival of fellow trekkers. With many more companions and the trek organizers joining us in the train, the arrival of trains, everything going as per schedule, there was nothing that could spoil our day for us.

The journey to Ramadevara betta hills at Kyatasandra was about an hour or so from Yeshwanthpur, and nothing could make up for it than the hilarious introductions and the dumb-charades that we played during the journey. We arrived around 9.15 AM at kyatasandra station and began our way till the edge of the hills. We were 30 of us, but a very comfortable, cozy group and soon began to interact and have lots of fun on the way. 
As we began our ascent, we were instructed by our organizers the Do’s and Don’t’s for our safety.
And then, it Really, Began! – with a GoPro selfie!

The hills were fairly dense with greenery and the climb moderately complex. 
With a beautiful scenery around, a perfect weather, a great bunch of people ready to help you anytime, and the fair amount of breaks in between, we made it to the Top!

Well, nothing I describe here is going to do justice to the view you get from over the top of the hills! It really was worth all that heavy climb! 

The whole world was at our feet, the wind in our hair, the countless butterflies fluttering about, the scenic landscapes -at nearly 4000 ft above sea level was too mind blowing to be missed and I count myself lucky to have made it to this trip.

And what with our packed lunches, and potluck! 😉 we filled ourselves as best we could and lazed around near the beautifully cold lotus pond- some of us even managed to have a swim. From singing songs to taking selfies and photographs, our day was complete.

We began our descent at around 2.00 PM to make it on time to board our train back to Bangalore. The group of strangers now had become firm friends and great companions. The return journey was as lively and fun as it could get, like the icing on a cake. The train journey was topped with anthakshari and I’m sure every one of us were brimming with happiness and a tinge of sadness as the journey came to an end and we reached Bangalore around 6.00 PM. But I’m also sure, there would be a lot more to come! Lots of journeys await us BTCians with lot more fun and adventure! There could be nothing more to add than thank the fabulous organizers of this trek for this amazing amazing trip- an unforgettable one.
Written By      : Aparna Sreekanthan
Organized By   : Dinesh Yadav, Parth PatelAmol Saindane
Original Blog    : Blog Link 
Date of event  : 17th June 2017
Place              : Ramdevara Betta - Kyatsandra
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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