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Trek to Hutri Durga

As the name suggests, Hutri Durga is a small, fortified hill close to Bangalore. It’s a hard to be missed out spot for trekking enthusiasts. How would the BTC miss it?
BTC had organised a day trek to Hutri Durga. I was all excited when I got shortlisted for it.

We, a bunch of 18 strangers, started off around 7:30 am towards Hutri Durga in a shuttle. The travel would take an hour and so we started playing some games. Though initially it was just to kill the time, gradually it became hilarious and soon we unveiled our best humorous versions. From lending a helping hand while ascending to sharing food and to clicking countless selfies, these games proved to be such an ice-breaker that made us gel with each other and keep the momentum on throughout the trip.

In no time we reached the base and we were all impatient to enjoy nature’s beauty and its manifestations. We climbed up the hill in an hour. Ascending was pretty easy, not very steep at all. I would first be grateful to the Sun god who had gracefully hid Himself behind the moist-cladded clouds; who had politely chosen not to show-off his existence through his infinite arms of heat. Secondly, the clouds - for not frantically pouring out which would have made the rocky terrain slippery and hampered our desires. The weather was cloudy or mildly drizzling the whole time.

Not to forget the breeze! We were all overwhelmed with such bountiful amounts of life-giving oxygen and that too for free of cost. For a moment I thought of transfiguring myself into a feather and to just blend with the breeze. Unfortunately, before something like that could happen, our organiser called out for us signalling that it was time to descend down-hill.

We returned to the base on time(roughly 4pm) and reached Bangalore before 6pm. It was an easy and a relaxed trek. There was every time on earth to pause, chill, encounter with nature and capture the blissful moments. Nature also played its role in making the trip an adorable one. And we, the trekkers, despite the fact that we were strangers, talked a lot, played crazily, laughed insanely and carried loads of fun and memories to be looked behind; we were united by the drive to experience nature.

Thank you BTC for organizing a wonderful trek :)
Written by        : Revathy Ramsundar
Organized by   : Parth & Hiren
Date of event   : 11th June 2017
Place                : Huthri Durga

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