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Experience of Sharavathi Backwaters Treknic with BTC

       And the day arrived for the much awaited treknic (Trek + picnic), waiting to have a great experience with new people around and new place with different theme. First trek event with BTC. First good news was I was shortlisted!!!.

     All of them assembled at the venue by 10 PM was excited to see new faces. And the journey began, with introduction of the team. Pavan and Arun were the organizers. Once introduction was done we started with antakshari followed by dumb charades. This was filled with fun and laughter.

DAY 1:
We reached the homestay in the morning by 7.30 AM. The homestay was much more graceful and had a great ambience than expected. It was situated in the middle of the forest around 3KM from the main road. We had a delicious breakfast and started for waterfalls.


And now we arrived at the location of the waterfalls. We had to trek foe few kms, as you trek on the paths, you’ll get an exciting expertise of flora and fauna. A sight to lay eyes on would be the instant you reach the Waterfalls!!! Relax! Jump! Splash and Play!!

Here’s an opportunity to go to one amongst the foremost undiscovered and inaudible Waterfalls on geographic area. The destination next that keeps the monsoon walking on air on is none apart from the falls. Stunning and crammed with numerous reminder inexperienced. This waterfall could be a home to several undiscovered species of the geographic region.

After the waterfall visit we headed on to the road walking looking for another water falls, and the journey was really splendid.
The forests were kissed by the rains, the wet breeze nudges your cheeks, the meandering damp roads beckon- it seems like a sign from the universe to soak in the moment.
There is something about a road trip in the monsoons. Nature wears her best coat of paint and everything around me looks afresh.

Due to time constraint we had to rush back to homestay.
No road trip is complete without stopping for coffee and tea and binging on local food.
We reached homestay, and then arrived tea and snacks for refreshments. Then we assembled and shared the experience and feedback for the day and started with a game PING-PONG. This was the game I was playing for the first time, it is very interesting game had a good time out there with every participant.
Unexpected thing was the camp-fire and the homestay. We weren't expecting them for this arrangement and it was a god one ultimately. We danced a little, played few more games and then dinner arrived. One word for dinner “WOW”.

DAY 2: Day started with exiting breakfast. We left for Sharavathi back waters for water sports.

Kayaking, pedal boating, Trampoline jump into water, chilling out in waters. One of the best experience in water until now I had. We were into water until afternoon. Had lunch and continued our journey towards Jog falls. It is formed by the Sharavathi is nestled in the Western Ghats in Uttar Kannada and is best viewed during monsoons. The mist brings in the magic as we see the second highest plunge waterfall in India dropping from a height of 830 feet. I was a little disappointed that no much trek was possible but that also vanished. We went down towards the water and came back which was 1400+ steps one way. Trekking was also done. I was happy by then.

                  Later we had a quick feedback session and in few hours we left for Bangalore.
I was in no mood to leave but every journey has to end. And we are back on the highway, heading back to Bangalore. But given a chance, I would love to go back to being in the lap of nature again.
It was an amazing experience and I took home many memories. Met amazing people through BTC and my sincere thanks to each and every member of the team and the organizers for taking care of everything and planning a wonderful itinerary.

Written By     : Shruti Malkood
Organized By :  Arun and Pavan
Date of event : 17 & 18 June, 2017
Place              : Sharavathi Backwaters
Pictures          : BTC FB Page - Sharavati Backwaters

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