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One Day Trekking to Kabbala Durga

One Day Trekking to Kabbala Durga

And the wind shall blow and brush your hair...
And you'd get to drink the vegetation wine...
So much so that you are filled with joy ...
And all that shall last is an all pervading bliss...
Yeah all that and much more happened when a group of 25 enthusiastic trekkers decided to meet goddess KabbaLamma at a height of 250m.

We started our journey on a bus from KR Market with our three team leads.
The DG guy (Dinesh Gupta) 'calm and composed', the one and only dynamite ( Dinesh Yadav ) 'quite literally' and with quite a dhinchak personality Shravani 'the quirky one' ...

A quick intro session with our names and hobbies helped us familiarize with our fellowmates . We realised we had a quite dynamic age group. From a 'sudhri susheel' girl , who had merely managed to cross the age limit... coming stright from school to an aunty who was about to give me a run even at this age ! And of course we had in between all the professionals teachers, economist, artists, architect, experienced trekkers and last but not the least the abundantly found species poor IT guys!

We headed towards our breakfast point and pumped ourselves with energy. Thereafter an auto ride helped us reach our basepoint. With a quick brief from the team leads we started our trek.
In all its majestic beauty Kabbal Durga hill was in front of us. The hill had steep surfaces on three sides and less steep surface on the fourth.
 I had barely even started climbing, must have been 10 stepping stones... and I already found myself praying to the goddess ! Me being an amateur trekker literally had a randeyvoo with the stars in a day trek!

The path was strewed with lush greenry. On the way we encountered the loving devotees from nearby villagers. Barefoot men and women in saris amazed us with the sheer ease they climbed. With each increasing step the cool breeze calmed us and our eyes were filled with the beautiful view of the near buy hills. It almost seemed like they had a gang of their own !
At the top of the hill the entire neighbourhood could be seen. The place was a home to a fort in the past. Only ruins remain now. We took a little rest to get our energies back while the photographeres were energized anyways by the view.

We started with the group actvities and the unsaid talent came to the surface. Adept dancers moved to the beats. Thereafter we shared our lunch and the bachelors got a chance to taste home food. We took the perfect selfies to update our facebook pages and headed our way back.

The descend was much easier and faster. Although it was hard to digest the height we all had achieved to climb. For those of us who were not confident enough with our steps ,happily went on all fours to get away with the steepy rocks. Perfect candidates for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan we managed to clean the route by crawling! We had barely reached the foot of the hill when a gentle shower of rain came as a blessing.
We took an auto to reach the nearest bus station. The route was yet again marked by stunning greeney. We soaked in all to get head to head with the city life.
We took a bus back, tired yet beaming with satisfaction.
Last but not the least it would'nt have been possible without the support of some experienced trekkers who kept our confidence high throughout the way. You know there has been something right when you feel a connection with twenty five unknown faces, whom you'll look forward to meeting hopefully sometime soon.

Written By     : Shruthi Gupta
Organized By : Dinesh Yadav & Dinesh Gupta
Date of event : 16th July, 2017
Place              : Sathnur
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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