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One day trek to Achalu betta - 6th Aug 2017

These majestic mountains silent me in ways
I can't explain...
I forget the black from white,
And what duties are still left in my worldly crate
My thoughts go on rest,
And I float on the ocean of stillness...
And like dew drops on leaves,
They adorn me with beautiful memories...
Not sure if they speak...
Yet their humming I keep hearing.
And without them I become...
A dessert without rain.
So I'll come back and be lost
Oh how I wish it could be true again...
Forever sleeping, drinking the mystic wine...
These majestic mountains silent me in ways
I can't explain... 

A group of Seventeen busy bees headed for a hillock Achalu Betta, near the town Kanakapura, not sure if to be silent! At a distance of 75 kms from the city it is a home to Muneshwara temple & a Nandi statue.

Our group started the journey boarding a bus from Kalsi Palya while I was still in my dreamy world. Realizing the day light from my window I got up in aghast! Jolting myself
from half open eyelids I rushed to meet my group at the base. The route was filled with scenic beauty with little ponds bustling with water creatures! A reminder of the monsoon season best time to be near nature. After a journey of an hour and half I was relieved to see my mates near a stone structure marking the start of the trek.

The group was filled with jolly lads from different walks of life, yet bored of the monotony of it. We crossed the village with colorful houses each having a white rangoli outside their doors. Many of them had wooden basket with silk worms. Silk production being a common occupation to the villagers.

We crossed a few fields waiting for seeds to be planted and reached the base of the hill. Our trek started with a few bushy plants with flowers welcoming us. No sooner we had started we reached a big rock a few enthusiasts already found themselves taking rest! A few moments captured in camera we were set to go again.

The path was easy apart from a few big rocks that we climbed with little body strength. Cool breeze kept us from getting tired. In the middle a few of us went astray but the organizers were there for our rescue.  Failing to explain what caused the same, like a class scolded by its teacher we followed our mentor quietly! A guy named Manjunath covered had it all set quite naturally! Disclaimer: This only the trekkers from the group can get. His broken Hindi amused us all and he kept the energy of the group in good spirits. Conversations flowed easily and we continued our trek. Our water stash already came to an end by the time we reached the top.

Our organizers still not out of energy wanted to try something new. So instead of playing the usual games on trek, they felt making a rainbow would be much easier. Ashish caught hold of the camera directed the movie and Dinesh like an architect started instructing us on how the structure could be built. All the volunteers worked diligently while the rest of the group became spectators to the comedy drama.

Keeping the heaviest and the strongest on first-last we started with a solid foundation. The ones in between 50 -60 kgs having light weight came thereafter. The rest came in middle playing little role in the structure yet in the center of the attraction! We finally made it a semi-circle of human pillars. One Two Three…Click! And the iron pillars came thrashing down! Well Ashish was not happy with the images and so a re-take was mandatory. Action said the director and with more enthusiasm this time we made the structure again. By Shiva's grace successful this time!

A few more yoga poses thereafter with the help of two human beings on each side we made it.

After this we headed down for our lunch spot by a small pond. Home cooked food was brought to the tables and we started hogging! Cucumber in salad, Chappatis, khakra, brinjal, groundnut masala, tomato puree we had it all. A taste of all these still fresh! In fruits we had the bachelors savior bananas in sweet dish we had cakes and gulab jamuns a perfect end a tasty meal!

Most of us went into a quick nap while the rest enjoyed the scenic beauty.

A few of us paid homage to Lord Shiva at Muneshwara temple while the rest whispered out heart felt desires in Nandi’s ears! Hereafter we started our descend. On reaching the base we had a few comedy sessions and feedback. A bus journey on each other’s lap we headed for our city! A day with an awesome trek came to an end  …

After climbing one you shall realize…
There are many more mountains calling and you must go!

Written By     : Shruti Gupta
Organized By : Dinesh Yadav & Ashish Chouhan
Date of event : 6th Aug, 2017
Place              : Kanakapura
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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