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Trek to Tadiandamol

TADIANDAMOL (TADI- Broad, ANDA- Possessed, MOL- Peak/hill) one of my TODO list ticked.

My First time to TADIANDAMOL  J and my first blog as Organizer too J

Every time when BTC organizes trek to Tadiandamol, I somehow couldn’t join and it remained in my bucket list. So this time I wanted to do it .I checked with DY and he told ok. On 13th Jan 2018 I was able to remove the place from my TODO list.

Tadiandamol is on one of the most beautiful, noncommercial peaks in Karnataka, it is elevated to about 1748 m and known as the highest peak in coorg/kodagu district. The Tadiandamol trek offers adventurers an opportunity to explore the stunning vegetation, rare mountain birds and pretty butterflies flitting from tree to tree. A panoramic view from the peaks is an eye-candy for the hikers. The trial takes you through the vast expanse of the Shola forest, It is a day trek which makes it even more doable for city folks- whether avid trekkers and hikers.

It was a fastest trek and hence it was challenge for all 13th Enthusiastic BTCian’s in bit sunny weather to do 8kms of one side trek, but yeah we all summit to top.

On 12th Friday night we started from our regular BTC point and started our journey towards Tadiandamol. Journey will be good when people travel with you will be fully energetic and yes that night journey was full of fun and energy. We started our introduction “BTC way of introduction” but with some spice added to it by DY. Then we started with Antakshari dividing into groups which was the most fun part.   Around 3.a.m forcefully we stopped and asked to people to sleep for some time.

Around 5.30 a.m. we reached homestay took some rest got fresh up and around 7.30 a.m. we had hot yummy idli’s (sambar was like finger licking) and upma for breakfast. Then after we started our journey towards the base of our starting point of our trek.
Before we start the trek we just informed the do’s and dont’s of BTC and started our trek. 

Trek path was easy but little steep. We all started the trek by taking some group photo and everyone started to walk in their own pace. Few in the front few at the back in their own world lost in nature.

Then Vikram started pulling everyone into conversation asking them so many questions so that they don’t feel alone and lost.
After walking for some 30 mins we came to a gate where we need to write the information of about how many are entering into the forest. DY gave the information we started our trek again.

Has we walked path became steep and steep.  Last stretch was bit steeper and so we had to walk little bit slowly and finally we reached the top.
OMG the view on top was mesmerizing. It was really worth struggling and climbed to the top. We took so many photos.  Everyone with their own styles took photos for their DP’s.
After resting for 30mins to 1hr we again started back to descend because it was fast and 1 day trek.

While going the path was steep so while descending it was slippery. At some point of time I got skid and fell down too. So we had to be very cautious while getting down.
Around 2p.m. we reached back to the place where our TT was stopped. Everyone were tired because it was a sunny day.  We started from there at 2.30 p.m. and we headed towards Virajpet to have our lunch. Virajpet is 45mins drive from Tadiandamol.

We reached to Virajpet and our TT stopped in front of hotel.  All were hungry but we had to wait since the tables were full.  Once we got the table we ordered the food and the best part of the trek was this lunch. Such a yummy food, It was finger licking good. Awesome food. All of us ate tummy full and we could see a satisfaction smile on all faces.

We started our journey back to Bangalore. All were tired hence we all slept for some time. Around 7p.m. we stopped at Maddur for coffee break.  Had hot coffee and started back the journey to Bangalore and on the way completed feedback session too. Reached Bangalore around 9.A.M and bid good bye to all of them.

One of the memorable treks again with BTC where enjoyed heart fully. Thanks to DY for organizing and Vikram for helping us in trek and I thank each and every participant for making the trek memorable.

Written By     : Shilpa Puttaswamy
Organized By : DY & Shilpa Puttaswamy
Date of event : 13th Jan, 2018
Place              : Tadiandamol
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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