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One day Trek to Shivgange (Wow Trek)

The trek was planned on an unplanned misty day on 23rd June 2018 all strangers gathered at Mejestic at 6.55AM, it took only few minutes to break the ice with so used to be strangers. The journey started through fun train at 8.00AM, as a BTC tradition intro session was by dumb charades with the twist of enacting other trek mates name and yes this time we had special trekkers who were mother and 6yr old daughter, by the time everyone's turn was about to end we reached Dabaaspet station.

We the team of 12 WOWies, took an auto from Dhabaaspet to Shivgange and yes we all 12 in a single auto which had a back seat too.

We reached the temple stairs that's where it started, as a mandatory BTC group picture we took a group picture and started our journey. 

To start by we took steps close to 100 to reach the first point, there was a small tea shop where we relaxed by taking pictures for few minutes and again resumed our trek.

Now the steps were engraved on boulders with the slope we had a supporting railings. Just then we reached the point of "Patalganga" temple, it was a cave temple where we have to bend almost like crawling in order to finish the parikrama, inside the temple there is a small pit where you have to stretch your hand to reach the flowing water where only few can reach the water.

After passing the temple, less we knew that we would be able to meet our annoying friends along further Trek, I am talking about lots of monkeys.
From here is where our actual trek started with tricky steps with steepy rock and bit crowded from this point and railings can just accommodate hardly the capacity of two, whereas other people have to wait for their turn to move forward.

Now it is bit harder, as we have to focus on our steps as well on the ferocious monkeys which is attacking the people, here comes our saviour to protect along with the selfie sticks, very glad and thankful for the organizers Bharthi and Shilpa to help our way through out.

With the ups and turns in our way we were able to reach the top, and totally unexpected to our surprise our little trekker 6yr old girl did reach the top along with us. And the hill top view was aww struck.

As  followed by BTC we couldn't have lunch on hill top due to monkeys, however we managed to take pictures while spending few minutes on hill top. Soon we started descending we passed the hard part, luckily our organizer found a different and beautiful path where there were no monkeys and far away from people.

We found a perfect spot to feed our tummies with the widespread top view, we finally found peace and spent quite sometime at this place. As a gift to our peace with the sweet breeze and sprinkle of raindroplets enjoyed the view.

We resumed our descending, in a span of an hour we reached the point where we started the Trek and indeed fortunately rain stopped sooner we started descending. We relaxed for a while than took an auto for the Railway Station.

We reached station one hour early, and drenching rain started, just like a treat to our experience to see the Railway Station in green with rain. As an end of the BTC trek we started our feedback session, everyone with their own experience of memories to talk about to add on for this happy ending trek.

We reached Bangalore around 6.20PM, it was the time to depart with heavy heart. I did start the Trek with the mindset of WOW Trek will be boring, but by ending the day with changed mindset with fun filled. Everyone departed assuring to meet again in up coming treks and by saying "the day well spent".

Written By     : Radhika Ranganath
Organized By : Shilpa and Bharti
Date of event  : 23rd June 2018
Place               : Shivagange

Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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